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AQUO wish2, midrange equipped with Snapdragon 695 released by Sharp last summer.

Compared to other SD695-equipped models, such as 4GB RAM, it is undoubtedly lacking in power, but it is still very popular as one of the few compact models in the 5-inch range.

And this time, this wish AQUOS2The!New mobile special priceIt turns out that you can buy it even cheaper.

First of all, if you subscribe to the Simple M / L plan with MNP, the price of the AQUOS2 wish model will be 1980 yen.

again,This time, even with MNP + Simple S subscription, the final bulk price is 5,760 yencoming.

1980 yen was sold for MNP + a simple M/L plan subscription, but there seems to be no example where even a simple S plan can be bought for 5,760 yen.

Also, even if you change the model, it is 23,760 → 16,560 yen, which is also quite attractive.

Y-mobile will be launching the next generation model, AQUOS wish3, in early July, so is it an inventory clearance sale for this?

However, AQUOS wish3 has Mediatek’s Dimensity 700 in the chipset,This SoC is inferior to the SD695 installed in wish2 in terms of performance.

I think it depends on the price, but I don’t think AQUOS wish3 will be available for 1980 yen right after release, so if you value performance, you might want to buy the wish2 this early Hmm.

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