Products that can be satisfied even if the specifications are down: Gadgets whose values ​​changed in 2021 | Gizmodo Japan

The option of down specs.

For many users, replacement of gadgets is almost “Spec upI think it means “more purchases” such as sub-machines, but I still feel like what I want to do, such as switching and lowering the specifications.

If you get lost, buy the one with the best specsIf you’re a gadget fan, you’ve probably heard / spoken the advice somewhere.

But this year, I saidTransfers that will reduce the specificationsI did.

That is thisNothing Ear(1)is.

The earphones I used before Ear (1) were AirPods Pro-class high-performance machines, and I was very satisfied with their performance. However, I was fascinated by the skeleton body of Ear (1) and switched to Nothing “Ear (1)”, which is about half the price. Result … I’m satisfied.

There were many aspects that the previous product had better, such as the quality of the microphone and the presence or absence of multi-points, but I didn’t mind that much even if I downgraded.

Noise canceling is also effective, though not as good as the high-end earphones.Good choice of function / performanceI felt it.

Ear (1) has excellent cost performance, but personally, it was an interesting experience in that I was “satisfied with the spec down”.

Video: Gizmodo Japan / YouTube

Another thing I found interestingBALMUDA Phone

This hasn’t been purchased yet, and it’s an impression of touching the sample machine for about a month … “I think there are some people who say that this is the best (without price hurdles).“I felt that.

The specs are about the same as the Pixel 5a and meet general needs, yet the BALMUDA Phone’s 138gIt is the lightest category for 5G smartphones... Above all, it is easy to hold.

There are several “light and compact small smartphones” such as PALM, Rakuten Mini, and Jelly2, but all of them have a strong character as a sub device. The BALMUDA Phone has the performance and size that can be used as the main machine unless you are looking for the latest games and high-performance cameras, yet it is lightweight and easy to hold. Rivals are Rakuten Hand and AQUOS Zero 2.

There are some points that are worrisome, such as the side buttons being difficult to press and the finger followability being slow (is the touch sampling rate low?), But … well,The biggest hurdle is price, isn’t it?I think that the concept will change the evaluation if the next model falls within the price range of “high for the middle range”.

High-end / cost-effective products are not the best, and sometimes products with mediocre specifications are acceptable.

It was 2021 when I realized that in a sense, it was a matter of course.


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