Prof. Summaries of 7 dangerous days on the 2nd day of the line, “Chiang Mai” reigns as the highest accident champion.

The Office of the Security Guard sums up the 7 dangerous days on the 2nd day in Chiang Mai, the highest number of accidents.

On December 31, at the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (PWA), the Center for Preventing and Reducing Road Accidents during the New Year Festival (SorTor.) B.E. 2022

by Mr. Buntham Lertsukikasem Director-General of the Office of the Security Guard as the secretary of the ROC. Announced that the PWA during the New Year Festival 2022 by the PWA and the cooperation of the network partners have compiled road accident statistics for December 30, 2021, which is the second day of the campaign. “New way of life drive safely No accidents” 422 accidents, 44 deaths, 426 injured.

The most common causes of accidents are: drive fast 33.20 percent drink and drive 29.60 percent

The vehicles with the highest number of accidents are: motorcycle 82.70%, most occurred on direct roads, 81.80%, 43.1% of Department of Highways roads, 32.9% of roads in the Subdistrict Administrative Organization/village.

The highest accident time was from 18.01 – 21.00, with 22.70% of the most injured and fatalities. in the age range of 40 – 49 years, 16.10%

1,911 key checkpoints have been set up, 62,318 operators have been ordered to inspect 269,597 vehicles, total 46,796 people have been charged, 14,484 were found guilty of not wearing a helmet, 11,866 were missing a driver’s license. The province with the highest number of accidents was Chiang Mai (21 times).

The provinces with the most deaths were Bangkok, Nonthaburi, and Roi Et (3 per province).

The province with the most injuries was Chiang Mai (19 people).

Summary of cumulative road accidents during the 2 days of the campaign (29 – 30 December 64), a total of 784 accidents occurred, resulting in a total of 85 deaths and a total of 786 injuries. (Zero deaths) There were 46 provinces. The provinces with the highest cumulative accidents were Chiang Mai (31). The provinces with the highest cumulative fatalities were Nakhon Ratchasima (7 deaths). The provinces with the highest cumulative injuries were Loei (32).

Mr. Buntham added that today is the New Year’s Eve and welcomes the new year. in which there are parties with family and friends within the family and village May increase risk factors for road accidents from drinking and driving especially the highway secondary route Subdistrict Administrative Organization roads and villages The Road Safety Administrative Center has coordinated with the province to take special care of the safety of people traveling on the aforementioned routes. Driving faster than the legal limit, drinking and driving, and not wearing a helmet as well as increase the concentration of establishing checkpoints of community checkpoints on the secondary route Routes in and out of communities and villages to prevent road accident risk behavior with strict control over motorcycle users to wear helmets and not drive with zeal; by strictly complying with the measures to control the epidemic of COVID-19 of the Ministry of Public Health so that the New Year’s festival is filled with happiness and safety


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