Prof. The front section explains the solution to the problem of covids in the area 5, the province. Orders to tighten control “Omicron”

Tuesday, November 30, 2021, 6:27 p.m.

On November 30, 2021, at the press conference room, Public Relations Center of the Internal Security Operations Command Region 4, Front Division, Khao Tum Subdistrict, Yarang District, Pattani Province, Major General Pramote Pornmorin, spokesman for the Front Office, revealed the results of accelerating offensive operations in all areas. Dimension under the process of participation of all sectors, resulting in the situation of the epidemic of COVID-19 In the area began to tend to improve sequentially. Overall, 61.67 percent of vaccinations were able to be vaccinated, an increase of 16.71 percent from the pre-establishment of OBEC, with the latest progress of the situation in the meeting of the BOI on 29 Nov. 64 found 692 new cases, the cumulative total of 204,609 cases, 180,850 cured, 1,469 cumulative deaths, average 0.72%, lower than the national average of 0.26%. COVID-19 The highest average was Satun Province 1.05%, followed by Pattani Province 0.97% and the lowest was Songkhla Province 0.42%. It was found that 2 new deaths (28 Nov 64) were those who had never 100% of vaccinated for COVID-19 proactive test results. ATK in 7 days showed an average positive result of 6.89 percent, less than the previous week’s average of 4.18 percent. The most positive test result was Yala Province (11.11%), Songkhla Province (9.45%), and Satun Province (4.21%). Currently, the bed occupancy rate is 42.3%, less than a week. Before 19.97 percent, this was because the total number of recoveries exceeded the number of new patients. And there has been an increase in the treatment model of community isolation center (CI) and home treatment (HI), more 11,919 beds are available and can accommodate patients sufficiently.

Regarding the progress of vaccination, the current vaccination rate was 61.67%, an increase of 0.79% from the previous week. When separated by province, it was found that the province with the highest vaccination rate was Songkhla at 73.81 percent ( +56,606), Yala Province 62.44 percent (-41,444), Satun Province 55.42% (-47,270 percent), Narathiwat Province 51.25 percent (-150,799) and Pattani Province 50.83 percent (-142,473), respectively. It was found that there were still 4 districts with less than 40 percent vaccination results, consisting of Yarang, Yaring, Mayo and Thung Yang Daeng districts, Pattani province. 70.64% in total. It was found that the teachers and assistants, including students in pondok educational institutions, had a very low average vaccination rate. accounted for 52.69% and 8.48% respectively.

for measures to support the preparation of opening the country the result of integrating all sectors into operation in all dimensions This includes vaccination campaigns, organizing proactive testing kits for COVID-19 by ATK and comprehensive proactive vaccination (CCRT), as well as implementing Covid Free Setting measures. As a result, the rate of infection from proactive testing and mortality has decreased sequentially. But still can not campaign for vaccination to meet the target that has been set, with an additional total of 325,380 people who need to be vaccinated, most of them in the 3 provinces. that may affect plans to open the country in time for the New Year Festival 2022 and the opening of On Site learning, especially schools under the Office of Private Education and Pondok Institutions in the 5 southern border provinces that still have The average vaccination effect was very low.

And as a result of the meeting of the Executive Committee on the Coronavirus-2019 Situation Administration No. 19/2564 on November 26, 2021, the level of the 5 southern border provinces has been downgraded. to be the highest control area (red) and has laid down measures to relax many operations / activities But it has not been designated as a pilot province for tourism in all three phases to stimulate the economy according to the government policy, except Mueang District, Hat Yai District and Sadao District, Songkhla Province, which will be opened as a pilot area in phase 2 from Dec 16. . 64 onwards

However, it must comply with the criteria for readiness from the situation of the area that can be controlled, the coverage of vaccination according to the criteria and the self-assessment. Including having to clear the hotel that is used as a hospital for special patients (Hospitel) to continue to accommodate tourists. For Pattani, Yala and Narathiwat provinces, it is still necessary to speed up the campaign for vaccination to meet the criteria. Both provinces or some areas, drive, monitor and supervise according to Covid Free Setting measures and pass self-assessment to be able to set relaxation measures to support the opening of the country and open on-site learning as defined in the next opportunity.

The trend of opening pilot areas in the 3 southern border provinces by the Center for Integration to Resolve the Covid-19 Situation The latest meeting was held on 29 November 2011 to set measures towards the goal that everyone expected was to open the area. to support tourism by assessing the progress in resolving the COVID-19 situation in the southern border provinces There were still some problems, which resulted in the three southern border provinces. It has not yet been designated as a pilot area to open the area. At the meeting of the SAO, Gen. Nattapon Nakpanich, director of the Center for Integrating Covid-19 Situation in the Southern Border Provinces. Coordinated with every province to determine the model of each area. whether it is a matter of vaccination standards to meet the specified criteria including covid free setting measures in accordance with the Ministry of Public Health including consideration of external factors such as the condition of social psychology and the readiness situation of neighboring countries It is expected that if in the southern border provinces can proceed in accordance with such measures. It may be possible to open a pilot site in the future.

Over the past 40 days, all sectors have worked hard continuously, especially the team of doctors, medical personnel, Ministry of Public Health, which has been proactive and modified. various styles In campaigning for people to get vaccinated, motivating is another measure. which is now the administrative center of the southern border provinces Various campaigns are offered. To incentivize people to receive vaccination, which is now being done in collaboration with companies and shops. To open the campaign, receive various discounts.

from the news of the COVID-19 epidemic A new strain “Omicron” that has been found to be spreading in countries of Africa. which the matter said on the Prime Minister You have concerns Ordered to emphasize that all concerned parties to take measures to prevent such matters. for surveillance of the spread of COVID-19 New species “Omicron” in the southern border provinces Areas of responsibility of the 4th Army Area Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Army has emphasized the issue of interception along the border which has ordered the border defense force to have surveillance especially those traveling from high-risk countries has taken action to block, especially foreign workers including monitoring and blocking the smuggling of evasive goods or tax evasion agricultural products, including weapons of war which is a measure that has been carried out continuously and particularly strict Especially for those who travel from countries that have been found to have an epidemic of COVID-19. New species “Omicron”


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