Professional baseball Lotte denies protests from the players’ association “no uniform 25% down policy” | Professional baseball | NHK News

Professional baseball Lotte explained that the annual salary for the next season will be “starting with a uniform 25% down” from the players’ association, and said that it was “flatly 25% down” in response to the protest statement that it had been negotiating in advance. We have not taken any policy, “he commented, denying the content of the protest.

The professional baseball players’ association protested to the baseball team, saying that Lotte’s assessors had explained to some players that the annual salary for next season would be “a uniform start with a 25% reduction” and had been negotiating in advance. I announced on the 5th that I sent a sentence.

In response, Lotte made a comment on the 6th, denying the content of the protest statement, saying, “We have not taken any policy of a uniform 25% reduction.”

The team explained the situation to the players’ association on the 3rd of this month. We will continue to talk with the players of the team and negotiate the contract after they are convinced. “



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