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Professional baseball team in the metropolitan area is confirmed to be Corona 19 one after another ’emergency’ (comprehensive)

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The occurrence of A and B clubs… All other non-metropolitan C and D teams are also inspected.

Mask with the slogan of Corona 19 in professional baseball

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(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Shin Chang-yong Choi In-young = A professional baseball team has been in an emergency because of a series of positive cases of the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19).

According to the baseball world on the 28th, the first-team power analyst of the metropolitan area A team was confirmed with Corona 19 on the same day.

All of the club’s first-team squad as well as the front staff were tested for Corona 19 from this morning.

Also, on the same day, at the B team in the metropolitan area, an active coach tested positive for Corona 19, and a bigger wave is expected.

Team B also had its players and all officials tested for COVID-19.

The test results are expected to be released on the 29th.

With regard to the two clubs, epidemiological investigators are identifying the exact route of infection as well as contacts and movement through closed circuit (CC) TV.

The problem is that these clubs played until the 27th.

Clubs A and B and C and D teams in the non-metropolitan area that recently played are also taking measures such as testing for COVID-19 and closely monitoring the situation.

There will be no professional baseball game on the 28th, but all clubs will start playing again from the 29th. The team’s team that was tested had difficulty moving until the results were announced.

If you are classified as a confirmed or close contact in the epidemiological investigation, you must self-isolate and treat yourself.

If a close contact includes an athlete, a special entry for COVID-19 will be applied. If a substitute player is introduced, the league schedule can proceed normally.

However, if it is judged that the club operation is impossible, such as insufficient entry registration, or that there is a significant impact on the normal operation of the league, the KBO decides whether to suspend the league through the urgent executive committee and board request.

According to the KBO’s Corona 19 Response Integration Manual, the league suspension period is considered 3 weeks (2 weeks of self-quarantine + 1 week of practice period) from the time of confirmation.

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