Professional volleyball, also exposed hakok … by the author “nose bone fracture, rib bone crack”

[이데일리 스타in 이석무 기자] In professional volleyball, the exposure of ‘Happy violence (school violence)’ continues.

The author, who announced that he had entered Jecheon Middle School in 1999, posted on the Internet portal site’Nate Pan’ on the 19th that he was violated by a male professional volleyball team A player.

The author wrote, “Hell began the day after I entered Jecheon Middle School,” and “Just because I came from the countryside, A and B started bullying and begging and attacking me.”

In addition, he said, “Even the group who goes with A and B participated in the harassment.”

The author also said, “There were times when I was dragged to an apartment and subjected to collective assault,” and “I was beaten without feelings and passed out, and I was beaten from 4 pm to 6 am.” In addition, he added, “What was so scary is that I sleep in turns and get up and hit him, but I am still suffering from trauma.”

He said, “I had a fracture of the nose, two front teeth, a crack in my ribs, and went to the hospital for a month and went to school.

The author said, “I don’t want to be apologized,” he said. “I just wrote it because I thought it was all I had to write to relieve the core of my mind.”

In the professional volleyball game, the ripples are growing as there are successive disclosures that the men’s OK Financial Group’s Song Myung-geun and Shim Gyeong-seop were harassers, following the sisters Lee Jae-young and Da-young of Heungkuk Life’s women’s club.



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