Professor Jet has already answered that the green snake has a crest, not a serpent, but a Vietnamese rhinoceros snake.

Professor Jet has already answered that the green snake has a crest, not a serpent, but a Vietnamese rhinoceros snake.

For fear of spreading images of green snakes with crests It was found in front of the entrance to Kham Chanot Island creating a sensation for those who see many people called serpents because they look like While some people believe that the snake is a member of the family of Father Pu Si Suttho and Mae Ya Si Pathumma. Because in the past, I have never seen a green snake that looks like this before.

latest Jetsada Denduangboripant Dr Lecturers from the Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University posted messages on the fan page. “Oh, it’s like this from Ajarn Chet“Note that

Some people may see it as “The holy snake has a crest” Amen, but it is for me Rhinoceros Rat Snake “Rhinoceros Rat” Imported from Vietnam.

The long-nosed snake is a non-venomous species of the Colubridae family.

This type of snake can be found in northern Vietnam. to southern China It has a long, prominent scaly protrusion on the tip of its nose. Hence, it was named after the features of the rhinoceros horns.

A full-grown rhinoceros snake Its length is 100-160 cm to the tip of the tail. If you count the number of scales on the back of the middle of the body, you can count 19 rows.

Rhinoceros snakes live in subtropical rainforests. at a height of 300 to 1,100 meters and it is often a valley with streams Usually it will be on the tree. And mostly difficult at night to hunt small mice and other rodents, birds, and other vertebrates

lay eggs and the breeding season is between April and May, 5-10 eggs are laid each time and after 60 days of incubation, they hatch into young snakes 30-35 cm long, grey-brown color. and some dark borders on the dorsal scales

When growing up, 12-14 months old, the rhinoceros snake will change its color to grey. then most will turn greenish green or bluish When it is an adult, it is 24 months old.

A study by researchers at Bangor University suggests that the part that protrudes from the snake’s nose is intended for breeding Male snakes can be used to fight rival snakes, but other studies However, no correlation was found between using this nasal protrusion. with reproductive time expression It’s still a mystery that What exactly is the actual duty?

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