‘Professor Kaew’ raises his hands to apologize in the middle of the council Receive speeches with ‘stupid’ pleasure after Sakon Pheu Thai MPs cry

‘Professor Kaew’ raises his hands to apologize in the middle of the council Having received a speech with pleasure he accidentally slipped into the mouth of a ‘stupid’, claiming to say that the MP candidate was not the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives after MPs Sakon Pheu Thai complain that the Council is disreputable.

At 2:00 pm on December 7, in parliament in a meeting of the House of Representatives with Chuan Leekpai, Chairman of the Council Acting as chairman of the opening meeting for members to discuss the suffering of the people But before entering the agenda for consideration of the bill (Act), the 3rd week of filing a petition to remove members of local councils or local administrators and caused the council to collapse twice in a row because the opposition MPs were not satisfied with voting for a new decision from Section 9/1, so they protested by not being a quorum of the Marijuana and Cannabis Act, which the Commission ( KMUTT) has finished considering it. came up to consider the draft Nomination Act to dismiss members of the local council Dr. Wayo Asawarungruang List MP, Kao Klai Party (Kor. Kor.) and Mr. Julaphan Amornvivat, Chiang Mai MP, Thai Pheu Party (PT.), as opposition whip. rise to discuss If it is requested to change the agenda of the meeting by bringing the draft Cannabis Act for consideration I would like to suggest more, that is to bring the draft Amendment Act to the Civil and Commercial Code or the Equal Marriage Act and the Marriage Act to be considered further, which are expected to be considered in the next week The meeting agreed with the proposal. and Mr. Chinnaworn Bunyakiat, MP Nakhon Si Thammarat Democratic Party (DPP) as Deputy Speaker of the Coordinating Committee of the House of Representatives (Government Whip) said of the initial discussions We are not opposed But ask the quorum to be ready to consider the law together.

After that, Mr Phattana Sappso, Sakon Nakhon MP, asked Plaid Thai Pheu (POT) to discuss that 3-4 days ago, there was news that the National Assembly made which is a place of honor but some vice presidents of the advice to tarnish the prestige of the council in having a vice-chairman of the MP council is the other point of view too. Give the members pronouns like stupid The word stupid, defined in the dictionary, is stupid and adds more stupidity, which cannot be translated otherwise. He would like to draw attention to what happened. What will the council do? in order to preserve the dignity of the council

Mr. said Chuan that Mr Learned also about news from newspapers, radio, and television, which was outside the council meeting room. Indeed, this is not the first time. In the past, people have spoken in a way that reduces the importance of other parties. But if this is the case in this council, it is the duty of the council to discuss. If you are outside, you have to manage according to the burden of each party. That is, according to the rights of each party. If we bring external matters into council time He thought it would waste time. and not to correct the way it should be followed But by the person who spoke, although not mentioned by name but referring to Mr. Supachai Phosu, the second vice-chairman of the council, who has the status of vice-chairman Causing him to have a heavier burden than ordinary MPs, their behavior must be within the framework set by the regulations. He therefore allowed Mr. Pattana speak. because he knew that Mr. Supachai told him he wanted to discuss He asked what to discuss. He said he would like to discuss in order to apologise, to apologize to the members, and he said it was an external matter. If you can do it, you can. But he was of the opinion that the facts should not be criticized here. because it will never end Each party has its own facts. unable to work together

But Mr. Pattana spoke briefly that this caused quite a bit of damage, in fact he was not personally angry with Mr But in the system of having members use their positions to speak in this way, it tarnishes the prestige of the council. In this case, if MPs said so. But this is the president who sits on the throne today, if someone finishes cursing other people, they come back and ask to withdraw their words and come to apologize in the council and finish, otherwise this council would have to rebuke each other every day.

“This morning, the vice president called me. He said they were brothers and sisters, admitting their guilt. I personally forgive But in the criminal case, Section 393, I do not want to proceed. As brothers and sisters and Thai people, they are MPs together,” said Pattana.

Then explained Mr. Chuan that If something is unethical, it can be sung. or illegal defamation may proceed But in this advice to give as many opportunities as he considers appropriate.

Mr Niyom Vejkama, MP of Sakon Nakhon, Thai Pheu Party, who called villagers two days ago to ask if the dignity of Sakon Nakhon people was this much. Someone the size of the vice chairman of the council said it was stupid. it is a disadvantage And this is the disadvantage of the people of Sakon Nakhon. He is an MP and remains silent without speaking. Not announcing it to the people of the world is similar to the people of Trang. a little must be said Because their home is not a fool’s errand as many people understand it.

Makes Mr Wirat Phantumaphon, the list of MPs Bhumjaithai Party protested that a council meeting must be on the agenda and a matter for the council. not bring any matter to speak in the council then woman Whatever it is, bring it up and say it in the council.

Later, Mr Supachai Phosu, the second vice-chairman of the council, explained that he admits that on December 4th of the past he had the opportunity to open the campaign platform. Thai Party candidate Bhumjai launched in Nakhon Phanom Province and he was the one who spoke on behalf of the campaign, but it appeared when speaking He had to accept it immediately. that might be a bit of fun In the middle of an atmosphere where there are many brothers and sisters It would be confirmed with the president and the members. that the words spoken by the two members were accepted in the council as saying that they were true But it did not mean that he was speaking against the Sakon Nakhon brothers and sisters. would you both like to be able to reopen the clip

“I confirm that on that day I gave a speech to the people as a potential candidate. Bhumjaithai Party Member Do not go to the oratory as an MP or the Vice President of the House of Representatives But since I said already lost already or already wrong I agree with the president to the members and everyone Those involved that I apologize for what I said. And apologize to friends,” said Mr Supachai. Ready to raise your hand to apologize.

After that, Mr. Supachai left the podium to the group of PAD MPs and apologized again. and paid Mr. Pattana his respect back

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