Professor Lee Sang-eun is outraged at the severe punishment for criticizing Lee Jae-myung, “On the road to the dictatorship of the Democratic Party”

Lee Sang-myung, who has strongly criticized presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung’s promise of a basic income, has been excommunicated by the Democratic Party of Korea by issuing a severe punishment of eight months to a professor at Jeju University.

There is a backlash that the party, which should respect democratic expression of opinion and pros and cons, is a dictatorial act that bridles party members who present dissenting opinions.

According to the notification of the disciplinary results of the Ethics Judge of the Jeju Provincial Party of the Democratic Party of Korea published by Professor Lee Lee, the Jeju Provincial Party of the Democratic Party of Korea decided to take a disciplinary action against the party member for “eight months of suspension of party membership”. As a disciplinary reason, the Democratic Party said, “Party Regulation No. 7, Article 14 (Reasons for Discipline), Paragraph 1, No. 4 of the Regulations on the Ethics Tribunal (in the case of harming party members by disseminating false facts or undermining unity among party members with false facts or other insulting words and actions)” wrote that

The Democratic Party did not disclose specific reasons for the disciplinary action. Cho Oh-seop, floor spokesperson for the Democratic Party and spokesperson for Lee Jae-myung’s election committee, said in a telephone conversation with Media Today on the 30th, “I know in principle that the decision of the Ethics Tribunal is not made public.” I probably won’t even reveal it.” Spokesperson Cho said, “I can speak to myself (the person responsible for the disciplinary action), but I think it is inappropriate for the judge to speak for this reason.”

Did he actually spread false information and attack the person? If you look at the ‘Petition for Discipline’ that Professor Lee was notified on the 16th, it is described in relatively detail. In the disciplinary petition sent to the Central Party Ethics Tribunal of the Democratic Party of Korea, the applicant said about Professor Lee, “Disseminating false information about Lee Jae-myung, a member of the Democratic Party, and the Democratic Party’s preliminary candidate for the 20th presidential election on Facebook and Twitter, as well as using insulting remarks. You are tarnishing your reputation.” Applicants said, “Professor Lee was a candidate for ‘basic income populist’, ‘a party to the unearned income gate in Daejang-dong’, ‘Candidate Jae-myung Lee and the Democratic Party’s mainstream are engulfed in narrow political selfishness’, ‘Candidate Jae-myung Lee’s ‘coercive victory’ Posting false and insulting articles such as ‘The action has been confirmed’ and ‘The person doing the relevant act is Candidate Lee Jae-myung’ is clearly an appropriate act. It is believed that it will be even bigger.”

Regarding Professor Lee, the applicant also said, “Even though he is a party member of the Democratic Party, which must inherit the spirit of one team to re-create the government, he not only spread false information on Facebook and Twitter, but also made insulting comments and was a member of the ‘(tentative name) Welfare State Citizens Forum’. They are leading actions intended to create a negative perception that candidate Lee Jae-myung has a serious problem, such as posting a recruitment letter.”

In particular, the mention of the party to the Daejang-dong gate is a passage that Professor Lee wrote on Facebook on the 27th of last month, “He emphasized the ‘basic income land ownership tax’, saying that Lee’s report, which is a party to the Daejang-dong real estate unearned income gate, will ‘break the republic of unearned real estate’.” It is a verse from

▲ Lee Sang-i is a professor at Jeju National University. Photo = Lee Sang Lee’s Facebook

Professor Lee was furious at this, saying that the Democratic Party of Korea had reached a dictatorship by 586 rogues. In a phone call with Media Today on the evening of the 30th, Professor Lee said, “If candidate Lee Jae-myung is the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate, he should argue about the candidate’s policies and the debate must be alive. What are you going to do?” he criticized.

Professor Lee said, “The only thing that is curbing the opposition and controversial voices is that it is a regressive party and dictatorship, and the accumulation of evils of the Democratic Party’s candidate Lee Jae-myung and the 586 activist political cartel (which supports it) is that they are now entering the dictatorship stage. I can’t see it,” he exclaimed.

Most of the parts he raised as a problem are seen as opposing or criticizing Lee’s basic income. Professor Lee said, “It is wrong to try to hide their attitude towards basic income without criticism, open discussion or debate. Income is a way to prevent this, so one of them must be abandoned. If that’s the case, then we need to discuss it, but how do we discipline it?” he asked.

In response to the Democratic Party’s disposition for spreading false information and using insulting and insulting remarks, Professor Lee said, “It is completely unacceptable.” It did not disappoint.” In particular, in the content of the disciplinary petition that the part written ‘Party in Daejang-dong Gate’ was false, Professor Lee said, “I said with my mouth that this candidate was ‘I designed it’ at the time of Seongnam Mayor. no. As a result of the investigation, it may or may not be a crime, but whatever the outcome, it means that the person responsible for the Daejang-dong gate is taking place.” He asked, “Are you going to shut the mouths of intellectuals by making this kind of expression a problem?”

▲Lee Sang-i Lee, a professor at Jeju National University, received a disciplinary petition on the 16th as an ethics judge of the Central Party at the request of a certain applicant.  Photo = Lee Sang Lee's Facebook
▲Lee Sang-i Lee, a professor at Jeju National University, received a disciplinary petition on the 16th as an ethics judge of the Central Party at the request of a certain applicant. Photo = Lee Sang Lee’s Facebook

Professor Lee’s eight-month suspension from party membership is considered to be a high level of disciplinary action against party members who voice disagreements and objections rather than criminal acts such as sexual harassment, assault, and bribery. As for why such a strong disciplinary action was imposed, he said, “It is speculated that it is to block party activities for a while after the election at all, because the burden is too great to expel, and the voices against the Lee Jae-myung cartel in the party grow louder to give a warning and end it.” claimed that “Even so,” he emphasized, “Is this the job of the Democratic Cradle of Democracy, which is the birthplace of democracy, to be curbed like this by critics?”

When asked if he would go through the process of appealing a disposition such as a request for retrial, Professor Lee said, “I am thinking about it.”

The Democratic Party only said that the Jeju Provincial Party did its own disciplinary action against Professor Lee, but did not give any official explanation. In response to a SNS messenger on the evening of the 30th, senior spokesperson Koh Yong-jin said, “I understand that this disciplinary action was judged according to the procedure at the Ethics Tribunal of the Jeju Provincial Party. Judgment on the decided and referred cases is to be done independently. The central party or the provincial and provincial parties should not and cannot be involved in this process,” he said.


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