Professor Seomin “What do Syngman Rhee and Jin have in common? One idiot rhymes with ‘three battles of humiliation'”

On the 28th, at the Korean Bar Association in Yeoksam-dong, a professor at Dankook University Medical School speaks at the ‘Lawyer for the People’s Prosecution Reform Legislation, Citizen Filibuster’. random news

Seomin, a professor at Dankook University School of Medicine, praised the Yoon Seok-yeol administration’s proposed compensation plan for victims of forced mobilization (conscription) by comparing it to the achievements of the late former President Syngman Rhee.

On the 8th, Professor Seo posted on his Facebook page titled “President Syngman Rhee and President Yoon have something in common” and said, “President Syngman Rhee achieved the ROK-US alliance with fringe tactics such as having released as an anti-communist prisoner in a country where there was nothing, he was defending democracy and laying the foundation for economic development.”

Professor Seo continued, “President Yoon Seok-yeol emphasized reconciliation and cooperation with Japan during his speech commemorating the March 1st Movement in a country with a lot of anti-Japanese sentiment.

Then, he said, “The previous regime introduced a twisted solution to forced labor, and began to rebuild the Korea-US-Japan alliance.” mentioned.

Professor Seo also added hashtags such as ‘#Normalization of abnormality’ and ‘#This is me’.

Professor Seo’s comments about the humiliation of Samjeondo are interpreted as a reference to Lee Jae-myeong, head of the Democratic Party of Korea, who criticized the “third-party reimbursement” method as “the biggest disgrace and blemish in diplomacy similar to the humiliation in Samjeondo. “

Representative Lee said at the extended cadre meeting of the Democratic Party on the 6th, “It seems that he chose the path of betraying historical justice,” in relation to the Yoon Seok-yeol government’s “third party refund” method, and said, “It is a second step that tramples on the victims who demand a true apology and compensation from the perpetrators.” He pointed out that the car hurt.”