Profits of small businesses directly hit by the corona virus -43%, 870,000 jobs were lost.

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The government announced the results of a fact-finding survey on how much Corona 19 threatens the livelihoods of small business owners and self-employed people.

As of last year, revenues were down 43% from pre-COVID levels, and 870,000 people lost their jobs in the aftermath.

First, reporter Kim Se-ro reports.

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The sectors hardest hit were the arts, sports and leisure.

Profits fell by a whopping 85%.

Education service sectors such as private institutes accounted for -66%, lodging and restaurants -57%, and wholesale and retail trade -49%.

All sectors saw double-digit revenue declines, an overall -43% decline.

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“The monthly rent is 1.2 million won. There have been times when the date was delayed. I couldn’t pay it, I just talked to the owner and paid it like that…”

Staff employment has also declined significantly.

Retailers, lodging and restaurant workers each fell by 16%.

The arts, sports and leisure sectors recorded -20% and manufacturing -5%.

Overall, 13% or 870,000 jobs were lost.

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“There are three people, but I let them all out and now I spend three hours each, and after that, I do it alone…”

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“I have friends who say ‘I’m going to quit’ and go looking for another job because the sales are obvious. It hurts my heart to see that. Still, they are friends who worked hard and worked hard together…”

The number of businesses increased by 4.7%.

This is because more and more people in their 20s and 30s chose to start a business instead as it became difficult to find a job.

The debt of small business owners stood at 294.4 trillion won, an increase of 47.7 trillion won from a year ago.

In the question of what is difficult, intensifying competition and declining business were the most cited.

Raw material cost, quarantine management, and rent came next, and only 11% answered that it was because of the minimum wage.

These statistics are as of the end of last year.

This year’s damage has not been reflected.

This is Kim Se-ro from MBC News.

Video coverage: Jeon Seung-hyun / Video editing: Kwon Ji-eun

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