Program M-150 Championship, match 34: the last promotion ticket?, play-off area


Football M-150 Championship 2021/22, match 34, program on Saturday, April 30, 2022, compete at the same time for all 9 pairs at the same time. There are interesting games as follows.

● Win the championship

Kasetsart FC vs Lamphun Warriors

King Ko Khao guarantees a ticket to be promoted to the Thai League 1, of course, this game invaded to collect victory will make them win the championship immediately.

Ayutthaya United vs Sukhothai FC

It’s the game of the season for fire bats. When they only want victory in the attack game Ayothaya warriors which if you can and hope to win the championship Must go to win the Lamphun Warriors not defeat Kasetsart, they will immediately win the Thai League 2 championship.

● Automatic promotion ticket

The last seat in the automatic promotion to the Revo Thai League, only one place left. Which is a contest between 2nd place Sukhothai FC and 3rd place Trat FC

Last match program: Ayutthaya United vs Sukhothai FC / Nakhon Pathom United vs Trat FC

Both fields will have a direct effect on this ticket. Sukhothai FC requires at least 1 point to be automatically promoted immediately.

While Trat FC had to defeat Nakhon Pathom United first and foremost. Then, I hope Sukhothai loses to Ayutthaya because both teams have the same points (70 points), but Trat FC has better head-to-head than Sukhothai FC (wins 4-3, draws 2-2).

● Playoff rankings for promotion

The situation is hopeful to make the rankings for the play-off group. The promotion is equally intense, with the 3-6th ranks having the right to occupy after the end of the season. The current situation is as follows:

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4. Chainat Hornbill 57 points (guaranteed play-off area)

5. Lampang FC 54 points

6. Muang Kan United 52 points

7. Phrae United 51 points

The last match program: Muang Kan United meets Lampang FC / Royal Navy meets Phrae United / Ratchapracha meets Chainat Hornbill.

– Chainat Hornbill is one of the teams that have guaranteed playoff space regardless of the final game result.

– While the remaining 3 teams are Lampang FC, Muang Kan United and Phrae United, of course, there will be 1 team with a broken heart, finishing in 7th place.

– Lampang and Mueang Kan have a duel queue among themselves If any team wins, playoff tickets will be guaranteed immediately.

– Phrae United, who is ranked 7th, if successfully defeated the Royal Navy, will guarantee a playoff ticket as the 6th place because it will definitely overtake Lampang or Mueang Kan, any team

– If Lampang FC and Muang Kan United end up in a draw have to win for Phrae United, not winning the Royal Navy, to be eligible for both playoffs

– Lampang FC has the right to leave the playoff area as well. If they lose, Kan United and Phrae United can defeat the Royal Navy because the points between Lampang and Phrae are equal, but Phrae United has a good head-to-head. than

Football program M-150 Championship 2021/22 match 34

Saturday, April 30, 2022

At 6:00 p.m. Ratchapracha meets Chainat Hornbill

At 18.00, Mueang Kan United meets Lampang FC.

Time 18.00 Udon Thani FC meets Grand Andaman Ranong United

Time 18.00 Royal Navy meets Phrae United

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Time 18.00 Ayutthaya United meets Sukhothai FC

At 18.00, Rayong FC meets Chiang Mai FC.

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At 18.00, Custom Ladkrabang meets Khon Kaen FC.

Time 18.00 Nakhon Pathom United meets Trat FC

At 18.00, Kasetsart FC meets Lamphun Warriors.


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