Programme's changes Snowbate & # 39; Minnesota after Jimmy Fallon furore

Programme's changes Snowbate & # 39; Minnesota after Jimmy Fallon furore


The state organization that helped Jimmy Fallon to Minnesota give the Super Bowl introducing new guidelines on the film projects that receive taxpayer money.

The change comes after the state's "Snowbate" program came on fire when it was reported that Jimmy Fallon's Super Bowl broadcast at Orpheum Theater received $ 267,000 in state dollars.

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The Snowbate rebate program provides up to 25 percent for productions in Minnesota, and is part of Minnesota Film and Television, a state-funded organization that aims to bring television and film projects to the state.

After informing the big price tag for the Fallon exhibition, Rep Nolan West (R-Blaine) asked law makers to listen to the program. He noted that the special broadcast was likely to have been filmed even without state aid, due to its profitability.

But new the guidelines given by Minnesota Film and Television would not introduce Fallon reimbursement. The new rules specifically prohibit Snowbate's money towards a once-off production involving a national event, such as sport or politics. This would include the Super Bowl broadcast.

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