Progress against two southern thieves in Saiburi, officials found both of them with arrest warrants for security cases

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20 Jan 2022 3:58 p.m.

Progress on the clash with southern bandits in Saiburi who shot at the officers and were shot dead, 2 dead, most recently found that both of them had a warrant for the security case with them. is the main villain that the authorities want Expected to be prepared to cause an accident, the police intercepted and searched in time, so they clashed first.

In the event that officers conducted a siege and search of a house in the area, Village No. 2, Lahan Subdistrict, Saiburi District, Pattani Province, after being informed that a security suspect was hiding Officials and religious leaders negotiated to persuade the two to surrender. But it appears that the two suspects jumped out of the window next to the house. Along with using firearms to shoot at officers hoping to open a way to escape, but did not survive. The officer shot back, causing the death of 2 people immediately. The incident occurred in the morning of January 20 ago.

Most recently, after the clash at 11:00 a.m. on January 20, 2022, Pol Col. Chalermchai Petchkat, commander of Saiburi police station, Col. Issara Chantakrayom, commander-in-chief of the Sai Buri police station. Pol.D.C.R.T. Col. Taweeporn Kanthong, Commander-in-Chief of Royal Thai Police 43, along with the prosecutor and doctor of Somdej Phra Yuparat Saiburi Hospital. Travel to the autopsy of the two deceased criminals, whose first body is known as Mr Marwan Mee Tho, 27 years old, villagers in Village No. 1, Plong Hoi Sub-district, Ka Pho District, Pattani Province, with two gunshot wounds on the body. There is an arrest warrant for the case. Security number 3 marks, while the second body knows the name of Mr. Rosalie Cheloh, 44 years old, villagers in Taluban Subdistrict, Saiburi District, inspected, there are 11 warrants in the security case and also seized AK 2 firearms. 1 shotgun grenade cylinder and 2 field rucksacks.

For this siege and raid The security investigation team said the operation was coordinated by local news agencies. which was behind the scene where the criminal came into hiding From interrogation, 2 people in the house testified that someone had deposited them for temporary housing. which the people in the house did not dare to deny Because he saw that he had a gun, he surrendered. And when the officers came to surround the people in the house, they hurriedly ran out. The two villains refused to leave. And also apologized and asked to die until the officer tried to negotiate to persuade him to surrender. But the villain tried to jump out of the window. and then use a gun to shoot at Officers then fired back, causing the assailant to be shot dead.

for both the deceased considered an important suspect that the authorities want because it was involved in the construction of many situations entering this movement I believe that there should be preparation to cause an incident in the area for sure. Because the news line has previously reported and notified that The insurgents will have a planning meeting to carry out the attacks. But the officers knew of their movements before conducting a siege and raids, eventually leading to an extrajudicial killing.

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