Promote “High Potential Person Visa” to attract talented college students to the UK to enter the UK first and then find work

The United Kingdom launched the “High Potential Individual” (HPI) visa yesterday to attract talents, allowing about 50 “excellent” graduates from non-UK universities that have ranked in the world’s top five years to apply for work in the UK. Under the HPI visa, graduates do not need to be hired by UK employers first. After successfully applying to the UK, they can find jobs, self-employment or volunteer work, and can bring dependent partners or children to the UK. The Home Office did not specify the limit, but the Daily Telegraph said there was no cap on HPI visas.

The UK government website publishes the list of eligible universities from 2016 to 2021. Eligible applicants must have their universities in the list of eligible universities in the same year when they graduate. For example, among the eligible universities in 2021, both CUHK and HKU will share, but in 2020, only HKU will be available; in 2019, there will be HKU and HKUST. In addition, applicants for HPI must pass a criminal record check and at least B1 intermediate level in English conversation, reading, writing and listening. According to the British Council’s definition, the B1 intermediate qualification is “fluent in communicating with English speakers”. The application fee is £715 (approximately HK$7,000), and must pay for medical insurance and provide a bank account for 28 consecutive days and a minimum deposit of £1,270 (approximately HK$12,500) 31 days before the application as proof of living expenses. Proof of deposit is not required if you have lived in the UK for more than one year. Successful applicants with a bachelor’s or master’s degree will be issued a 2-year work visa, while those with a doctoral degree can apply for a 3-year visa. After the HPI period expires, applicants can be converted to a “Long Term Work Visa” if they are eligible.

UK visa

UK visa

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