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Promote the stable development of food production and improve the ability to guarantee food security | Food Security_Sina Technology_Sina.com

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Original title: Promote the stable development of food production and improve the ability to guarantee food security

● Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, May 6th, by wire

Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council presided over an executive meeting of the State Council on May 6 to make arrangements to further promote the stable development of grain production and effectively improve the ability to guarantee food security; the “Audit Law of the People’s Republic of China (Amendment Draft)” was passed.

The meeting pointed out that ensuring food security is related to the overall situation of national security and development, and is the primary task of advancing the modernization of agriculture and rural areas. In accordance with the deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, in recent years, relevant departments in various places have made every effort to do a good job in agricultural production. Grain has been harvested year after year, and the supply of important agricultural products is abundant. Grain is basically self-sufficient and rations are absolutely safe. This is to promote the stable development of the economy and society and effectively respond to the new crown pneumonia epidemic. The impact provided solid support. This year’s grain harvest has a good foundation. The area of ​​winter wheat has increased for the first time in the past four years, and its growth is better than that of the previous year and normal years. The summer grain is expected to have another bumper harvest. Spring ploughing and spring planting are progressing smoothly, and the area of ​​early rice remains stable. In the whole year, the planting area of ​​grain was further expanded, and the area of ​​corn increased compared with the previous year. The meeting demanded that, first, we must unswervingly focus on stable and high yields of grain. Stabilize and improve policies such as the minimum purchase price of rice and wheat, and subsidies for corn and soybean producers, and expand the scope of pilot programs for complete cost insurance and income insurance for the three major food crops, so that farmers can make money from growing grain. Investment in the central budget and the use of proceeds from land transfers coordinated at the provincial level have given preference to major grain-producing counties. Strictly implement the main responsibility of local food security, supervise and strengthen field management and summer harvest and summer crops, strengthen technical services, ensure the supply of agricultural materials, and focus on the prevention and control of major agricultural diseases and insect pests. Make overall plans for flood prevention and drought relief work. Second, we must do a good job in grain purchases, reserves, and market regulation to ensure supply and price stability. Improve grain storage and logistics facilities and optimize the scale and structure of grain reserves. Give full play to the role of the market mechanism, enrich the supply channels, achieve sufficient supply, diversified varieties, and maintain the stable operation of the grain market. Third, we must strengthen the protection and quality of cultivated land. Implement a new round of high-standard farmland construction plans, and build 100 million mu of high-standard farmland with high yield and stable yield this year. Strengthen the control of the use of arable land, resolutely curb the “non-agriculturalization” of arable land, strictly control the “non-grainization”, and strictly adhere to the red line of 1.8 billion mu of arable land. The meeting emphasized that it is necessary to strengthen scientific and technological support for agricultural production, based on national conditions, centering on the needs of the people, and focusing on tackling key problems and making up for shortcomings with a scientific and pragmatic spirit. Improve the quality of rice, wheat, and soybean oil content, cultivate high-quality vegetable varieties, increase the yield of important agricultural products and market adaptability, and improve the milk yield of dairy cows and the quality of beef cattle. Improve the mechanism, fully mobilize market forces, and promote collaborative innovation among scientific research institutions, universities, enterprises, and farmers. Establish and improve a commercial breeding system, foster and expand seed companies, and support the development and promotion of practical and efficient agricultural machinery and equipment. Promote the improvement of agricultural quality and efficiency through scientific and technological innovation.

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The meeting passed the “Audit Law of the People’s Republic of China (Draft Amendment)”. The draft keeps the basic audit system unchanged, expands the scope of audit under the constitution and legal framework, and adds audit and supervision of other major public construction projects, state-owned resources, state-owned assets, public funds, and local banks, except for government-invested construction projects. Provisions are made to strengthen the means of audit supervision, enhance the independence and credibility of audit supervision, and clearly require that the audited unit should rectify the problems found in the audit within the prescribed time. The audit agency should follow-up and inspect the rectification situation and deal with the law if it refuses to rectify or resort to fraud. Hold accountable. The meeting decided to submit the draft to the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress for deliberation.

The meeting also studied other matters.


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