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Promoting the creation of a healthy environment by installing health stairs

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[완주신문]“If you climb 1 stair, it decreases by 0.15 kcal, and if you climb 50 steps, it is equivalent to running for 1 minute.”

Wanju-gun is spurring efforts to create an environment where residents can maintain a pleasant and healthy life by expanding the installation of health stairs.

According to Wanju-gun on the 18th, as part of creating a health-friendly environment in the local community, health stairs were installed at county offices and Wanju-gun public health centers, walking in elevators, and health information phrases were made and attached to make it easier in everyday life.

We are working hard to create an environment where people can practice walking.

It is expected that the Health Stairs will help prevent the spread of Corona 19 by providing useful health life practice information such as the effect of calorie consumption when using the stairs, the correct way to exercise the stairs, and other health information, and by reducing the density in the elevator.

For example, by affixing phrases such as ‘If you climb one step, the lifespan decreases by 0.15 kcal and the lifespan increases by 4 seconds’, it is encouraging residents to voluntarily use the health stairs.

According to ‘2020 Community Health Statistics’ of Jeonbuk, the walking practice rate of Wanju-gun residents was 27.9%, which is 6.0 percentage points lower than the overall average of Jeollabuk-do (33.9%).

The rate of moderate or higher physical activity and healthy lifestyle among local residents were also 13.3% and 20.0%, respectively.

This is analyzed to be 7.2% and 6.4% points lower than the overall average of Jeonbuk.

In this regard, Wanju County Public Health Center is focusing on creating health stairs, considering that it is necessary to induce voluntary physical activity such as walking to improve the quality of life of residents.

In addition, it is encouraging residents’ participation through various health living practice programs such as the ‘Walking Challenge’ using mobile applications and the ‘Health Center Mobile Healthcare Project’ that provides public health management services using ICT.

Even in a situation where it is difficult to operate a physical activity program due to COVID-19, the company is actively working on ‘Dream Tree Health Plus’ to prevent obesity during the growth of preschool children and ‘Creating a healthy weight’ to prevent obesity from COVID-19.

In Wanju-gun, related departments such as roads, environment, and sports departments will cooperate with each other to lay the foundation for effectively securing all matters such as systems, facilities, and financial resources to create a physical activity-friendly environment in the future. The plan is to actively take steps, such as installing additional stairs.

Lee Yeon-jeong, director of health promotion at Wanju-gun Public Health Center, said, “Walking on stairs is a good way to simultaneously see multiple effects, such as strengthening bones and muscles, reducing body fat, and increasing the sense of balance. “We plan to continuously expand the creation of a friendly health environment in the local community,” he said.


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