Propaganda that the 19th century was a flop: A response to Vinayan

Director Vinayan against fake profiles circulating on social media in the name of Malayalam producers. On this page, all the movies released in Malayalam on the occasion of Onam were failures. Vinayan said that the makers of such Facebook page have no such website and will try to bring this fake person to justice.

“Since two days ago, from such a fake profile, the audience in more than 200 theaters in Kerala have welcomed it with applause and it continues to show on the 14th day. There is no such Facebook page for the producers. Producers Association president Ranjith said that he will do his best to bring these fake people to justice.

Anyway, there must be a person in front of this criminal mind who is trying to kill a good movie. He is told that this type of nerikata is called paternity. You deserve the name. If you cannot defeat directly, then can it be this way? But you are wrong…beyond your false propaganda, this film has got word of mouth publicity from the audience.”- said Vinayan.

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