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Property Case: K.M. Shaji questioned by vigilance | KM Shaji

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Kozhikode: In the case of illegal acquisition of property, K.M. Vigilance questioned Shaji MLA for four and a half hours. A week was allowed to produce the documents of 9 years’ savings and Rs. 47.35 lakhs seized from the house in Kannur. After that it will be questioned again.

The 77 documents seized from Shaji’s houses in Kozhikode and Kannur were submitted to the vigilance court. The probe team filed a petition in court seeking to have them released for investigation. The next question will be based on these documents as well.

According to Shaji Vigilance, Rs 47.35 lakh was recovered from a house in Kannur sand. Shaji said that there are accurate documents for that. Funds were raised by 154 booth committees. It will take a week to produce its receipt books.

The minutes of the constituency committee meeting to print and collect 18,000 receipt books for election funds were presented to Shaji Vigilance.

Vigilance also asked for details of land and vehicle purchases and house construction over the past 9 years. Shaji bought a 10 cent house in Kannur and a 2 acre field in Madakkimala, Wayanad for 9 years. A new house was built at Malurkunnu, Kozhikode. Vigilance has been asked to prepare and submit a chart showing where the money spent on each came from. Shaji had earlier submitted the document to the Enforcement Directorate.

Vigilance Special Cell SPS. Sasidharan, DySP g. The interrogation was led by Johnson. The interrogation started at 10 am and ended at 2.40 pm. Vigilance also inquired about Shaji’s family property, previous ventures and foreign trips.

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On the 12th and 13th, K.M. Vigilance inspected Shaji’s houses in Kannur and Kozhikode. 47.35 lakh from Kannur and Rs. 30,000 from Kozhikode.

Vigilance had returned 66.5 pawans of gold and a collection of foreign currencies found during the inspection to Shaji as they could not be considered as illegal assets.

English Summary: Vigilance investigation against KM Shaji MLA


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