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Property tax of 5.7 trillion won … 89% of the tax is paid by multi-residential owners and corporations

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Comprehensive real estate tax bills have begun to be sent out.

Although the number of subjects has increased compared to last year and the amount of tax has increased, if you look inside, less than 2% of the population is an individual who pays the tax, and those who own a corporation or several houses pay 89% of the total tax.

Whether it is a tax bomb that everyone should be afraid of, reporter Lee Jeong-eun reports first.

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There are 947,000 people who pay comprehensive real estate tax this year.

This is an increase of 280,000 from last year.

Excluding 62,000 corporations, there are 885,000 individuals.

1.77% of the total population.

The total tax amount also increased significantly.

It more than tripled from 1.8 trillion won last year to 5.7 trillion won this year.

89% of this tax is borne by multi-homeowners and corporations.

485,000 multi-family homeowners pay 2.7 trillion won, and 62,000 corporations pay 2.3 trillion won.

The tax paid by one homeowner is 11% of the total.

However, not all homeowners are the same.

Since the property tax is levied separately for each person, practically multi-family dwellings, each of which a married couple owns, are also classified as single-family dwellers.

Excluding these people, the tax borne by the real end-users is 200 billion won, or 3.5% of the total.

[박금철/기획재정부 재산소비세정책관]

“As a measure to strengthen the taxation of multi-homeowners to stabilize the housing market, the number of persons subject to three or more houses and the amount of tax have increased.”

The large increase in the amount of the property tax is due to the large increase in the house price, which is the tax base, and the increase in the tax for multi-family houses and corporations.

The government emphasized that the detailed burden of the first-generation, one-family homeowner, the end user, is not large.

111,000 people, or 84% of single-family homeowners, said that their taxes would be reduced by up to 80% with the senior citizen deduction or long-term ownership deduction.

About 1 in 3 people get the 80% maximum deduction.

So, what is the actual tax rate for a single homeowner?

The average property tax for owners with a market value of 2.5 billion won or less, which accounts for 72% of single households in one household, was 500,000 won.

This is Lee Jung-eun from MBC News.

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