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Proposal of ‘Chun Doo-hwan Additional Collection Act’ 與 “People’s power to reveal the position of Chun Doo-hwan’s death”

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The Democratic Party of Korea announced that it would promote the ‘Chun Doo-hwan Collection Act’ to recover the remaining fines of Chun Doo-hwan, who died on the 23rd. In addition, unable to make an official comment or other position after Chun’s death, the presidential candidate pressured the people to “declare an official position on the death” toward the people’s power, who have come and gone over the condolences to Chun.

At the party floor countermeasures meeting on the 25th, Democratic Party floor leader Yun Ho-jung said, “Chun Doo-hwan finally left without an apology, but even death cannot escape the judgment of history and justice.” He said, “I did not pay close to the won, so I was on the list of high arrears of local taxes for the fifth year in a row.”

According to the current law, the execution of unpaid fines will be stopped when the person concerned dies.

“Under the current law, if a person dies without paying the penalty, the property is inherited, but the penalty in the form of debt is not inherited, so this will be the case with the Jeon family.” Since the unclean character does not disappear, we will enact a law to ensure that even after death, if we do not intentionally pay large fines for bribes like Jeon while respecting the Constitution and the current legal system, we will repay them even after death.”

“I think there will be no major problems with the enactment of the law,” he added, adding, “People’s Power floor leader Kim Ki-hyun said he would actively review the proposal of the Uri Party.”

▲ Chun Doo-hwan (left) and Roh Tae-woo. ⓒ Yonhap News

Meanwhile, right after Jeon’s death, major political parties issued related comments and criticisms. However, the People’s Power has not issued an official position for the party.

Cho Oh-seop, floor spokesman for the Democratic Party, said at the same meeting, “The murderer and dictator Chun Doo-hwan died on November 23, 33 years ago, when he hid in Baekdamsa Temple in Gangwon-do. Criminal Chun, who created hundreds of billions of won in slush funds, evades responsibility by death without reflecting on and apologizing until the last minute, angering him.”

“The first firing order, helicopter shooting, burial of the missing person, sexual assault, etc., are dead, but the truth will not disappear,” said Cho, the floor spokesperson. He pointed out, “Like opposition presidential candidate Yoon Seok-yeol, who said that he should not go to the mourning, but canceled the mourning after two hours, are you noticing the people’s roots because it is the party founded by Chun Doo-hwan?” He pointed out, “Please clarify your position.” did.

On the morning of the 23rd, when Chun passed away, candidate Yoon expressed his condolences and said, “I express my condolences to the deceased and offer my condolences to the bereaved family.” report… Because you’re a former president… I’m thinking whether I should go or not,” he said. However, as criticism poured in from inside and outside the party, his staff blocked Candidate Yun’s condolences. On the afternoon of that day, Lee Yang-soo, senior spokesperson for the People’s Power Central Election Committee, announced to reporters, “Candidate Yoon has decided not to pay condolences to the former president.”

Hong Joon-pyo, a member of the People’s Power, who was a strong competitor at the time of the presidential election, said on the 23rd that he would go to pay tribute to the Jeon family. However, the next day, on the 24th, in the community ‘Youth’s Dream’, he gave up his condolence saying, “I was going to go to mourning, but there were absolutely many opposing opinions, so I will accept that opinion.” However, he said, “But I must pray for the well-being of the deceased.”

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