Prosecution “Lee Jae-myeong needs quick investigation”… Pangyo Suspicion Investigation



Regarding the prosecution’s investigation into corruption in Daejang-dong, Lee Jae-myung, head of the Democratic Party of Korea, announced that he would respond to additional subpoenas.

The two sides are also fighting over attendance schedules.

The investigative team also launched an investigation into the preferential treatment of Pangyo Hotel, targeting CEO Lee’s overall development project during his time as Seongnam Mayor.

This is reporter Lee Dong-hoon.


Representative Lee Jae-myeong responded to the prosecution’s request for an additional summons after being investigated for suspicion of Daejang-dong, but did not go out on the date suggested by the prosecution.

It recreates the tug of war between the two sides as in the last survey while keeping to the attendance situation at the weekend.

A prosecution official said of the summons schedule, “We requested an immediate appearance for a speedy investigation,” and “no specific date has been set.”

At least two inquiries have been requested, but the prosecution, who believe that even this is not enough, have set the day, saying, “It is very unusual for the suspect to set a timetable or time investigate.”

Even after the last investigation, the war of nerves continued.

Representative Lee insisted that ‘the investigation team said they had to eat lunch unconditionally’ and that they were making an additional reason for the summons by wasting time.

This weekend, there is a memorial service for the 100th day of the open air battle and the Itaewon disaster.

Meanwhile, the 3rd Anti-Corruption Investigations Department, which is in charge of Daejang-dong, investigated the suspicion that Lee gave preferential treatment to the operator of the Pangyo Hilton Hotel in 2015 when he was mayor of Seongnam due to a complaint from a citizen. group.

As the investigation team comes to grips with Baekhyun-dong’s alleged development recently, it appears that the prosecution’s investigation is expanding into CEO Lee’s overall Seongnam market development project.

The prosecution plans to request an arrest warrant after the second investigation, and the prosecution’s all-out attack against CEO Lee is expected to continue until the suspicions of Baek Hyun-dong and Pangyo.

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