Prosecution “The late Lee Dae-joon’s wrongdoings are suspected… He was not wearing a life jacket when he left”


Prosecutors said they believe the late Lee Dae-joon, who was shot by North Korean soldiers in the West Sea in 2020, was mistaken for a man on duty.

An official from the prosecution met with reporters today and said, “In synthesizing various evidence, such as close family relations and the will to live when the waters of North Korea were discovered, we are focusing on the possibility of a mistake.” I’m watching,” he explained.

Prosecutors said, “The life jacket Lee was wearing at the time he was found on the fishing guide vessel ‘Mugunghwa No. 10’ was missing, and his personal waterproof suit was also left intact. I heard the rationale for” found in .

At the same time, he added, “It is difficult to understand from common sense that the point where the Mugunghwa 10 was and the point where the first deceased was found are at least 27 kilometers apart and move without using power. ”

Prosecutors also said that the NIS at the time “determined that the possibility of defecting to North Korea was unclear with the same data and evidence.”

An official from the prosecution also said, “We have discovered that around 5,600 reports from the Ministry of National Defense and sub-units and 50 cases from the National Intelligence Service have been deleted, including duplicate information or reports relating with the shooting and burning.”

Following the arrest and indictment of former National Security Bureau chief Suh Hoon on the 9th, the prosecution brought Park Ji-won, former director of the National Intelligence Service, former NIS chief of staff Roh Eun-chae, and former Defense Minister Seo Wook to trial on charges of erasure of information.


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