Prosecutors are busy preparing for the election season… Strict policy of ‘receipt of bribes and manipulation of public opinion’

A citizen who visited a polling place in Jongno-gu, Seoul during the 21st National Assembly Election puts a paper into a ballot box. News 1

Ahead of the presidential and local elections to be held in March and June next year, the police and police are fully prepared. Since this is the first nationwide election since the criminal justice system was changed due to the adjustment of the police and investigative powers, the plan is to closely cooperate with major crimes.

At 10:30 am on the 7th, at 10:30 a.m. at the Government Complex in Seoul, Lee Jeong-hyeon, head of the Public Investigation Department of the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office, and Park Seong-joo, head of the Public Investigation Department of the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office, held the ‘Investigation Agency Countermeasures Council’ at 10:30 am on the 7th. Groups and other illegal intervention crimes were selected.

These included the acceptance of money or gifts related to the nomination of candidates by political parties, the offering of money or gifts related to election campaigns or primary campaigns, and the provision or request for money or gifts related to the unification of candidates. We also plan to be strict. Intervention in elections by public officials and public institutions, election campaigns by public officials, and establishment of illegal private organizations and similar institutions are also subject to intensive crackdown.

The Supreme Prosecutor’s Office and the National Police Agency decided to hold the ‘Election Case Investigation Working-level Council’ on a regular basis every other month, and to work together to solve problems that arise on the front line. In addition, using Article 7 of the Investigation Rule, ‘Cooperation Procedures for Important Cases’, the police will discuss matters of investigation, evidence collection, and application of laws and regulations with the prosecution before sending the case to the police.

In addition, a hotline will be established between the National Prosecutor’s Office and the Election Investigation Team at the police station. By region, it is planned to establish a liaison system centered on the person in charge of each province and provincial police agency as well as the 14 district prosecutors at each level across the country to discuss whether to investigate the same case and decide whether to send the case.

Lee Yoo-ji reporter



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