Prosecutor’s Office “Mr Bae, order Kim Hye-kyung to handle private matters”

Source: Yonhap News

The prosecution’s indictment against Mr Bae, who is considered a key figure in relation to the alleged misuse of corporate cards, Kim Hye-kyung, the wife of Lee Jae-myung of the Democratic Party of Korea, has been released.

According to Bae’s indictment presented by the Ministry of Justice by Representative Jeon Joo-hye, People’s Power, it was revealed that the prosecution wrote in the indictment that ‘Bae has been dealing with the private affairs of Mr. Kim under Mr Kim’s instructions.’

The prosecutors charged Bay on charges of violating the Public Official Election Act, saying, “The accused is responsible for managing and supporting various tasks in the private sector, such as providing meals for his family, organizing meetings, and preparing vehicles for outside activities such as hospital visits under the direction of Mr. Kim who was in charge,” the indictment said.

He also wrote, “I did not take the hormone pills that I received from the secretariat staff, but I passed it on to Mr. Kim.”

Bae, who also served as a Grade 5 special officer at the Gyeonggi Provincial Office, said, “I started a private business for the candidate’s family in January this year, when Lee Jae-myung was the Democratic presidential candidate.” He was accused of making false statements saying there was no fact

Bae is also being investigated by the prosecution on charges of paying for Kim’s personal food from July 2018 to September last year with a Gyeonggi corporate card or receiving an illegal prescription under someone else’s name and transferring it to Kim.

In response to these allegations, Bae had the publicity team of the Democratic Party’s Election Countermeasures Committee issue an apology containing ‘something that nobody did’ and ‘I was trying to get someone else’s prescription to take it’.