Prosecutor’s Office summons Kim Hye-gyeong, corporate card informant

Lee Jae-myeong’s ‘billion in cash’ source investigation … Democrats’ “malicious pursuits”

The prosecution called a public service whistleblower of ‘suspected misuse of a corporate card’ by Lee Jae-myung, Lee Jae-myeong’s wife, Kim Hye-kyung, in relation to the billions of dollars in cash stored in house of Wales. Democratic Party of Korea.

According to the legal community on the 23rd, the 3rd Anti-Corruption Investigation Division of the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office (Chief Prosecutor Kang Baek-shin) called Mr. A, the former secretary of the Gyeonggi Provincial Office, as a reference.

Mr A is the first person to report suspected misuse of Mr Kim’s corporate card.

It is known that he stated during an investigation by the prosecution that he saw Bae, a former grade 5 civil servant at the Gyeonggi Provincial Office, known as Lee’s assistant, carrying a paper bag full of cash from Lee’s house in June. last year, before the Democratic Party presidential primary.

Mr. Bae is also said to have stated that he deposited this money into a bank account under CEO Lee’s name and said, “About 100 to 200 million has been earned” and “Do you want me to this?”

Prosecutors are looking into the possibility that this money is mixed with the money that the so-called ‘Daejang-dong Gang’ has transferred to CEO Lee.

On this day, when the fact of Mr. A’s investigation became known, the Democratic Party of Korea issued a statement and said, “CEO Lee gave the cash he had in his account to process about 270 million won, including election deposits on for the presidential primary on June 28 last year and the lease of the primary office “The money was withdrawn from my bank account in 2019 or kept as condolence money for my mother,” he explained.

At the same time, “The fact of holding the cash has been noted in the property report of the public official after reporting the property in 2020 and 2021.” only,” he retorted.

An official from the prosecution explained that the investigation “is to confirm the general suspicion that was raised.”

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