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Prosecutors prosecuted 92,000 drug-related crimes last year by 44.08% compared with 5 years ago | Zhang Jun|Anti-drug|Prosecutors_Sina News

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Original title: Prosecutors prosecuted 92,000 drug-related crimes last year, a decrease of 44.08% from 5 years ago

China News Service, Beijing, June 26 (Ma Shuaisha) June 26 this year is the 34th International Anti-drug Day. The Chief Prosecutor Zhang Jun of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate revealed in Beijing on the 25th that the prosecutors prosecuted 92,000 drug crimes last year, a decrease of 44.08% compared with five years ago.

The Supreme People’s Procuratorate of China held an Open Procuratorial Day with the theme of “Preventing New Drugs and Caring for Youth without Regrets” on the same day. Zhang Jun said in the event that since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, with greater efforts to promote anti-drug work, the number of drug crimes in China has been declining year by year. Prosecutors prosecuted 92,000 drug crimes last year, a decrease compared with five years ago. 44.08%.

Zhang Jun pointed out that for a long time, procuratorial organs have been striving to crack down on drug crimes that endanger young people. They have adhered to “zero tolerance” and have always maintained a high-pressure punishment. In particular, they severely punish crimes that use new types of drugs to endanger young people. Children’s “drug hands”; grasping governance with one hand, actively participating in the promotion of comprehensive drug control, allowing more prosecutors to enter the campus, interpreting the law through cases, and carrying out drug prevention education.

Zhang Jun said that in the long-term struggle against drug poisoning, punishment and crackdown are only the symptoms. Only by focusing on prevention, reducing from the source, eliminating drug use, and severely punishing drug trafficking can the root cause be cured. To prevent the drug problem, the focus is undoubtedly on protecting young people. The procuratorial organs will continue to strengthen and improve their work, and join hands with families, schools, relevant departments and related parties to do their utmost to keep children away from drugs, grow up healthy, and youth without regrets. He called on parents, teachers, and people of insight in the society to jointly take on the responsibility of education and enhance the children’s awareness of self-protection and the ability to prevent and discern.

On the day of the Open Day, the drug identification experts of the Ministry of Public Security taught the knowledge of identifying and preventing new types of drugs on the spot, and the prosecutors handling the case gave a lecture on the rule of law to prevent new types of drugs. Some representatives of the National People’s Congress, members of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Beijing Institute of Technology Affiliated High School, Beijing Railway Second Middle School, Beijing No. 65 Middle School, Beijing Luhe Middle School, Communication University of China, Central Academy of Drama, etc. More than a hundred people, including the relevant person in charge of the committee office, the Beijing Anti-drug Education Base and the “Beijing Anti-drug Full-time Social Work Training Program” supervision group social workers and volunteer representatives participated in the open day activities.

“I hope that through the Open Day activities, students will be rewarded and warned, to further recognize that drugs are the root of all evil, and resolutely say’no’ to any form of drugs, and never let the beautiful youth leave a shadow of drugs.” Zhang Jun Say.

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