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Prosecutors search for additional Seongnam City Hall servers… Focus on securing evidence of breach of trust

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picture explanationProsecutors raid Seongnam City Hall

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The prosecution, which is investigating the case of Daejang-dong development lobbying and preferential treatment, is conducting an additional search and seizure of Seongnam City Hall on the 19th. This is the third search and seizure following the 15th of this month and the previous day.

The investigation team in charge of the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office sent investigators to Seongnam City Hall around 9:30 am on the same day to additionally secure the e-mail details of employees from the server stored in the Information and Communication Division.

Prosecutors are focusing on finding relevant evidence, believing that Seongnam City has the right to license the Daejang-dong development project, and that Seongnam City may have been reported or recognized in some way about the major work done by the Seongnam Urban Development Corporation, an affiliated institution.

However, the mayor’s office or the mayor’s office were not included in the search and seizure target on that day.

Seongnam City Hall's first search and seizure of 'Daejang-dong suspicion' on the 15th

picture explanationSeongnam City Hall’s first search and seizure of ‘Daejang-dong suspicion’ on the 15th

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When the prosecution first raided Seongnam City Hall on the 15th, it was later confirmed that they also seized and searched the excavation system section of the Cultural Heritage Administration.

Prosecutors are said to have secured e-mails exchanged by the Cultural Heritage Administration staff and documents containing the details of permission and permission related to the excavation of cultural assets, and also looked into whether the employees were destroying evidence through CCTV footage.

The prosecution’s seizure and search by the Cultural Heritage Administration is to confirm the value of 5 billion won paid to the son of Congressman Kwak Sang-do, who worked as an employee by the Hwacheon Daeyu Asset Management, which participated in the Daejang-dong development project, in the name of severance pay.

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Prosecutors suspect that Rep. Kwak has provided business convenience to Hwacheon Daeyu while serving as chief of civil affairs at the Blue House and a member of the National Assembly Culture, Sports and Tourism Committee, and in return Hwacheon Daeyu paid a large sum of bribes to Kwak’s son earlier this year.

To confirm the allegations, the prosecution also called an employee of the Cultural Heritage Administration as a witness on the 7th to investigate.


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