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Prospects for expanding opportunities to enter information security experts

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As information security-related certifications are added to the qualifications for taking the military, police, and local government officials recruitment exams, the opportunity for security professionals to advance into public offices is expected to expand.

The National Rights Committee (Chairman Seong Young-hoon, hereinafter referred to as the Committee for Rights and Interests) prepared a’measure to improve the eligibility for applying for public officials in the field of information and communication to strengthen cyber information security in national institutions’ and recommended it to the Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs, the Ministry of National Defense, the Ministry of Public Safety and Security, the National Police Agency, local governments and educational government It said that by the end of this year, detailed implementation plans for each ministry will be prepared.

In order to strengthen the information security capabilities of state agencies in preparation for the recent cyber threats, the government has given qualifications to take the national computer serial public service recruitment exams to information security engineers and information security industry engineers, which are information security related certifications, since last year.

However, it has been pointed out that these qualifications are not reflected in the eligibility for recruitment of some state officials such as military and police officers and local public officials, and there is a concern that the purpose of the national information security reinforcement policy may fade, and that there is a problem with the equity of the opportunities for public office appointments. . In the case of police, when hiring cybersecurity experts, information security certification has been reflected through public announcements since 2014.

Accordingly, the Kwon Ik Committee recommended to the relevant agencies a system improvement plan that allows those with these licenses to take the exam by adding information security engineer and information security industry engineer licenses to the qualifications for taking the recruitment exam for military personnel, police, local public officials, and educational local government officials. .

An official from the Kwon Ik Committee said, “We expect that the national cybersecurity response capability will be further strengthened by reflecting the information security qualifications in the qualifications for the information and communication field military personnel, police, and local public officials who will be in charge of cyber terrorism and information security, etc.,” he said. We will continue to improve the system in areas that need improvement.”

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