Protest against Chairman Tajima’s “adverse” World Cup human rights issues | NHK Sports

Regarding the various protests against human rights issues in Qatar, the venue of the Football World Cup which started on the 20th, Kozo Tashima, president of the Japan Football Association, said, “I am talking about different things other than football now .don’t like it,’ he said.

During the soccer World Cup, which opened in Qatar on the 20th, European teams participating in the tournament criticized the treatment of sexual minorities in Qatar.

Regarding this, the President of the Japan Football Association, Tashima, who visited the training ground of the Japanese national team on the 22nd, said, “I don’t think it’s good to talk about things other than football right now.”

Furthermore, he said, “I want to focus on football, and of course I want to take issues of discrimination and human rights in a good direction as a society, but I think now is the time to focus on football as a society. society. I want other teams to do the same.”

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