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“Proud Thai – Transport” points to a Walk Out cabinet knot, knocking on the Green Line concession, 1 Jun ’64

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“Proud Thai” joins the “Consumer Council-TDRI-Academic” choir to defend against the green line concession “Siriphong” points out “Transport” Walk Out if picked up for consideration. And repeatedly sued the Administrative Court for “Consumer Council-TDRI-Scholars” shocked that the state still persisted to propose the Cabinet.

On May 31, 2021 at 1:30 p.m. Foundation for the Consumer And the Consumer Organization Council held a dialogue Through electronic media with the program “Zoom” opposes the renewal of the Green Line train concession agreement to be included as an urgent agenda for the Cabinet (Cabinet) to consider and approve the meeting. On Tuesday, June 1, 2021

With Ms. Saree Ong Somwang, Secretary General of the Consumer Organization Council, Mr. Siripong Angkasakulkiat Member of the House of Representatives Sisaket Province, Region 1, Pride Thai Party, Dr. Sumeth Onkittikul, Director of Transportation and Logistics Policy Research at Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI), Assoc. Prof. Dr. Charlie Charoen Lap Nopparat Lecturer at Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology Thammasat University And Mr. Kongsak Chuenkrailas, the mass transit project coordinator Foundation for Consumers Join the discussion this time.

“Transport – Pride Thai” held WalkOut-Chong Administrative Court

From Mr. Siripong said that in the Ministry of Transport that the Bhumjaithai Party takes care of Which does not agree with the introduction of the Cabinet has submitted a letter of objection. Dear Prime Minister Regarding the completeness of the concession agreement. And why Bangkok is unable to pay the debt Therefore transfer the debt to the private sector Can he transfer the debt to the private sector as well? Including legal issues that BMA set up a state-owned enterprise that is currently being sued, called Bangkok Thanakom Company and hiring other companies to operate. Is it a legal evasion?

In this case, if there is an urgent agenda item, the cabinet shall consider and approve. It is thought that the Ministry of Transport will not participate in any consideration. They may have to file another lawsuit at the administrative court.

“Consumers-TDRI” disappointed, stubborn state

Ms. Saree Ong Somwang said that she was shocked and disappointed that the extension of the Green Line Metro Concession Agreement was added as an urgent agenda for the Cabinet to consider. Resolution The cabinet will benefit consumers. Especially the price must be lower than 44 baht because it is a forward contract extension and confirms 25 baht, Bangkok still has a profit of 23,200 million baht.

It is also hoped that the renewal of the Green Line train contract will be delayed. And set up a working group from all related sectors to consider solving problems and find a solution together And if tomorrow, in the cabinet resolution, the government insists on collecting 65 round-trip 130 baht or 40% of the minimum wage. The government should not be a government. Because it does not protect the interests of the people Which the government has a duty to preserve benefits and has no obligation to burden the people for another 38 years

Dr. Sumethongkittikul said he was disappointed by the agency to bring the extension of the Green Line train concession contract into an urgent agenda. Although the details and amendments of the contract are not disclosed and charged 65 baht throughout the line without considering other options to compare that many parties have proposed. But still take the same story The original draft of the concession contract did not disclose details. Including the specified fare 65 baht, there is no place to go. To be included as an urgent agenda in the cabinet.

In addition, he wanted to see the Bangkok electric train as a whole system like other countries. Because in the past, the government was the Ministry of Transport and Bangkok developed separate projects and different networks. Causing various problems that follow And there are fares that will be more and more expensive When there are more electric train routes in the future

The choir scholars disagreed.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Chalee Charoenlapnopparat said he did not agree to extend the concession contract for 30 years and charge 65 baht fare throughout the line because the actual cost was only 13 baht per trip. 25 baht, so there is a possibility Because there is no cost structure issue, BTS also has other revenues such as advertising from all channels. It also noted why it was urgent to import the cabinet during a time when people were paying attention to the COVID-19 vaccine.

For Mr. Kongsak Chuenkrailas said that the Consumer Foundation Has issued a request for the expensive fare, asked to collect 25 baht throughout the line and delay the extension of the concession agreement. Because there are still 8 years left before the contract expires In this regard, I would like to set up a working group to bring the correct information useful to consumers to discuss.

“In April, the Prime Minister spoke out about the electric train that had to consider the troubles of the people. Which is considered a promise if tomorrow the Cabinet passes a resolution that the concession contract extension Would have to join with MP Siripong that we will sue the administrative court and we will stop this matter And proceed to sue the administrative court for sure, “said Mr. Kongsak.

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