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Midfielder Takefusa Kubo, who participated in the match against Valencia from the second half[Photo: Getty Images]

In the 24th minute of the second half, pass a heel pass to Parejo in front of the penalty area and set the final point.

Villarreal Japan national team MF Takefusa Kubo participated in the derby match with La Liga Round 6 Valencia on the 18th local time from the middle of the second half. While he was sent off for the first time as a pro with two yellow cards, he was involved in the final point in the 24th minute of the second half. “Kubo proves Emery is wrong,” reports Real Madrid’s professional media, which holds the ownership.

Villarreal started on the bench against Valencia, although it seemed that Kubo would have a chance to start after the injury of ace Spain national team FW Gerard Moreno during International A Match Week. However, on this day, Nigeria midfielder Samuel Chukwueze was sent to the pitch at a relatively early timing of 19 minutes in the second half.

Then, in the 24th minute of the second half, Kubo, who ran from the left side to the center, dropped it to midfielder Dani Parejo with a heel. Parejo, who brought this in, made a bitter middle shot at the old nest opponent from outside the penalty area.

Kubo became involved in the winning point of 2-1 but when he went to slide in the additional time in the second half, he got caught in the opponent’s leg and was sent off after receiving the second yellow card on that day. It had a bittersweet ending.

Still, Real’s professional media “Defensa Central” seems to be positive about scoring. In the article, he said, “I was sent off just before the end of the match,” but “Kubo proves that Emery is wrong in 23 minutes: a recital with a crack-like setting.” I think, because he always revolutionizes when he’s on the pitch. “

It can be said that there was a part that was related to the score and was able to appeal to the future league and UEFA Europa League.



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