Provincial Police Chief Commander 1 orders to bounce 5 tigers, Muang Samut Police Station Prakan Jensen for robbery

The Maj Gen. Panlop Aeromla, Samut Prakan Provincial Police Commander Reveal the progress of the case. Pol Gen. Surachate Hakpal, Deputy Commissioner of National Police Send a working suit to the area to inspect the local casino. Muang Samut Prakan Police Station According to the disclosure of information from the Sai Mai page, must survive. It was found that there is a casino and that there is a real casino robbery. Recently, the commander of Provincial Police Region 1 has issued an order letter to 5 tigers, Muang Samut Prakan Police Station. to help civil servants at the Samut Prakan Provincial Police Operations Center (Professor Provincial Police Station, Province. Samut Prakan) since yesterday (11 November ’22) has been absent from the original position. along with an order to appoint a committee to investigate whether false information was reported or not