PS Plus announced that December’s free games will include lineups such as “Eye of Judgment: Last Words of the Reaper” and “Fall of the Gods”

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) today (12/2) officially announced the download of the December update of the PlayStation value-added network service “PlayStation Plus”. PS5 / PS4 games for PS Plus members will be available from December 7 to January 3 “Fall of the Gods” and PS4 games “Eye of Judgment: Last Words of Reaper”, “Lego DC Super Villain”, “Mortal Shell” and other 4 games are free to download and play

※ A PS Plus member is required to download, and it can be kept forever after downloading or adding to the content repository during the period, but a PS Plus membership is required to play

“The Fall of the Gods” (PS5 / PS4)

“The Fall of the Gods” is a third-person fantasy role-playing game with the theme of Dabao. It focuses on close hand-to-hand combat, allowing players to enjoy the fun of pursuing the ultimate equipment, and supports up to 3 people to play together. In the game, players will play the role of Valorian knight wearing Valorplates, using 5 different weapon types to fight against enemies, passing through various elemental kingdoms and challenging the mad god at the top. Players will be able to master the five weapons, gradually unlock many heroic armors, upgrade and learn new skills during the game.

“The Eye of Judgment: Death’s Last Words” (PS4)

“Judgement Eye: Last Words of Reaper” is a court drama action game based on modern Tokyo. It is produced by the “Dragon in Man” team. Inviting well-known Japanese actor and artist Takuya Kimura to play the leading role, and powerful actors such as Tanihara Shosuke, Takito Kenichi, Nakao Bin and other powerful actors to interpret the main roles. Players will play the role of the detective protagonist Yagami Takayuki, using a variety of “investigative actions” to get rid of the cocoon, step by step to investigate the truth of successive brutal murders.

“Lego DC Super Villain” (PS4)

“Lego DC Super Villain” is an action game with the theme of “Injustice League” under the DC series. In this game, players will be transformed into the best super villain in the history of the universe, and they will turn the world upside down in a plot full of action scenes. The story tells that the Justice League has disappeared, and the task of defending the earth falls into the hands of another group of self-proclaimed “Justice Syndicate”. If you want to expose the true intentions of these strange faces and weird copycats of the Earth superheroes, now it’s up to you and a group of crazy rebels! Players will start a crazy adventure together with the well-known DC super villain Joker, Harley Quinn, and countless villains from the Injustice.

《Mortal Shell》(PS4)

“Mortal Shell” is a Soulslike action role-playing game. The story is described in a broken world. Players discover the remains of past warriors, awaken and occupy these shells to strengthen their various combat skills. Players will face desperate enemies in the game. Don’t let fear stop your adventure, but stand up to fight. The combat aspect emphasizes strategy and timing. You must not attack indiscriminately. Instead, you must seize the opportunity to attack. It must be calculated before you can use powerful moves. At the same time, you must find a way to withstand the enemy’s attack.



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