PS Plus FREE PS4 Game Alert: Download the 2018 game nominee before he departed

PS Plus Free Game Alerts: Download new PS4 Monster Hunter World trial before its gone

PS Plus Free Game Alerts: Download new PS4 Monster Hunter World trial before its gone (Pic: GETTY – Daily Star)

PS4 console owners managed one free game to play this weekend, as Monster Hunter World has released a free trial to celebrate the announcement of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, a new expansion coming later this year. ).

The totally free trial for MH: The world is not just on PS4, so you have a little exclusive thing too. You're lucky, PlayStation owners lucky you.

Better yet you can enjoy much longer than this weekend. The slate test is free to run until May 20 and you can jump on the right as it started on Friday.

Nor is this a set of the game. You are getting the full fat version with all content directly from the whole game.

Alright, so it's gated to an end when you finish the assignments of Tobi-Kadachi assignments by Hunter Rank 4. But, anyway, like, 5-10 hours of free game for you Enjoy.

You will be able to start your journey, create your companion Hunter and Palico, and access all the features that the game must offer up to that point in the story.

This also means that you will be able to play with other online hunters, and even participate in the scheme special games Festom Blossom Fest, which is one of the many seasonal events to be offered by the game.


(Pic: Capcom)

So you are getting a nice sweet package for free content to play with. And if you wanted to be more determined, we will echo the ideas Caper's community manager Yuri Araujo, who warned the players not "the size of the material packed into these early missions" is worth making "in a new capcom blog post.

"You will explore two comprehensive environments, each with different elements to hunt, sightseeing introduction, endemach life to discover, many gear to craft, 14 different types of weapons to try and Palico gear, "explained Araujo.

Like most free game trials, you can bring your progress and safety to you if you decide to buy the full game after the end of the trial. Currently, Monster Hunter World is 60% of land, at an estimated cost of £ 15.99.

A sum of money for one of the best games in 2018. And don't take our word for it, Capcom stole a march that won;Best RPG Game at 2018 Game Awards and was one of the six games named for Game of the Year. Alright, so he did not win the last, but honestly, who would make a shootout between God of War and Red Red Redemption 2.

The point is, this is a great game and you can play it for free.

so you can place your left in the free trial to find out

The only thing you need to know about is that you will need a PlayStation Plus subscription to play.

That's because PlayStation Network must play the trial version and enjoy a full set of online games multiple features.

However, we envisage that most players have a PS Plus subscription at this point in the lifetime of PS4.

And if you are thinking why the game is available to play for free, it is because Capcom revealed a bucket load more information about the games that were being greatly expanded, Iceborne.

The new content comes up after the elimination of Monster Hunter World and opens his master's step & # 39; new. for your hero.

On top of this n is notQuests, monsters, weapons, armor, and a whole new story with an exploration that will send your hunting to the next level. We strongly recommend watching the new trailer just over.

And when you decide down, realize that this new expansion will not come until September 6, 2019 on PS4 and Xbox One and the PC version coming this winter.

If you are able to read it so far before you realize that you don't like Monster Hunter games (seriously, why are you here?) Then don't forget that two PlayStation Plus games are now available for free download.

You can find out what are the ruins of Edith Finch and Overcooked !. It is worth everyone's attention to both solid gold games. Especially Edith Finch.

If you put enough stock in Metacritic scores, you will find those and a quick explanation for each game just below.

But to be honest, if you were yourself, we would just download the two games and let them know. You will not regret it.

What are the ruins of Edith Finch – Metacritic score – 88

Summary: Edith Finch Fois is a collection of strange stories about a family in Washington. According to Edith, you will explore the big house Finch, searching for stories while exploring her family history and trying to find out why she was the last to leave her family alive.

Too cooked! Metacritic score – 78

Summary: Overcooked is a co-operative chaotic cooking game for players 1-4. Working as a team, you and your cohabitants must prepare, cook and serve different tasting orders before the customers get into difficulty.

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