PS4 Games BLOW: Bad news for Sony PlayStation fans after E3 2019 Gaming | Entertainment

PS4 Games BLOW: Bad news for Sony PlayStation fans after E3 2019 Gaming | Entertainment

PS4 gamers were treated because E3 2019 ends up with another year.

The doors on E3 2019 are open to the public after all the main conferences at the gaming show have finished.

E3 2019 major advertisements from Xbox, Nintendo and Square Enix but there was one major player in the gaming industry that was not represented.

Discarding the tradition, Sony did not keep its ordinary E3 conference because they decided to cancel the biggest trade show in the year.

Sony announced the decision to skip E3 last year, and since then PS4 manufacturers have changed the way they deliver news.

The Japanese gaming giant earlier this year showed the first data on the PS5 in an exclusive interview in Wired.

This type of notification would normally take place during a trade show, but instead decided not to leave the PlayStation news unexpectedly.

PS4 manufacturers also launched their Nintendo Direct State of Play broadcasts, where news of upcoming games is unveiled.

To date there are only two presentations on the Playground, the most recent being in May.

During the Play State the first fan of Final Fantasy 7 Remake was unveiled in three and a half years.

Following this broadcast, it was stated that there was another State Play presentation at the works during the E3 2019 period.

It was rumored that the presentation of this State of Play would be focused on the Last of Us 2 and that the release date for the game would have been highly anticipated.

It appeared that this State of Play broadcast could drop during week E3 to ensure that the PS4 took headlines around the time.

However, it is unlikely that the State of Play broadcast will take place this week.

To date, the three State of Play presentations which took place three days prior to broadcast were announced.

And if Sony was following this pattern then it seems unlikely that a Playground would happen this week.

If Sony State of Play announced today (Wednesday 12 June) with a three-day advance warning, it could happen on Saturday 15 June.

However, State of Play broadcasts have only occurred in the week, so this is unlikely to happen.

It is possible that Sony might be planning another Play Stadium for later this month or maybe later in the year.

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