PS5 Pro renderings expose AMD SoC chip + 8K games

PS5 has been launched in November last year for about a year, but the market is still in short supply, and shortages continue to occur. It is reported that the PS5 Pro, an upgraded version of the PS5, will be launched in 2022, which can support 8K resolution games and is expected to be priced at approximately US$700.

The PS5 Pro renderings released by the media recently showed that although its appearance is larger, it still maintains the design style of the PS5 series, and the streamlined design is added, which greatly enhances the design of the PS5 Pro. As for its performance, there is news that the PS5 Pro will use AMD SoC chips, which can support up to 8K resolution games, but it is larger than the PS5. It is expected to consume 300 watts. The price is rumored to be as high as US$700 (about HK$5,460). , 75% more expensive than the official suggested retail price of PS5.

The PS5 currently uses PCIe 4.0 specification high-speed SSD, custom processors from AMD and Oberon chips, Zen2 CPU and RDNA2 GPU architecture, the highest frequency is 3.5GHz, the GPU integrates 36 sets of CU units, the highest frequency is 2.23GHz, and the floating point performance 10.3TFLOPS, a total of more than 1 billion transistors are integrated. Developers need to coordinate the enthusiasm of game developers for 8K games and improve the performance of PS5 Pro in order to provide players with an 8K game experience and ensure that the game runs smoothly.

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