“PS5” sales information summary[Medi 16]─ “BicCamera.com” starts accepting new lotteries, including “Xbox Series X” | Inside

“PlayStation 5” (PS5), which provides a new generation gaming experience, was released on November 12, 2020. This PS5 is still hard to get as of 2022, and the demand is greater than the supply.

Here, we will check the latest information about PS5 sales and lottery sales, and we will focus on recruiting for a wide range of applications that can be applied on the web or official app. Check here for information such as reception desks that have not applied yet.

Situation on September 16 ─ “BicCamera.com” starts accepting lottery

All stores hold lottery sales irregularly, and today, September 16th, “BicCamera.com” has started a new reception. You can apply this weekend, but please note that the closing date is 20:59 on September 18th.

In addition, “Amazon” is holding an invitation request (equipment disc drive / digital edition) for the PS5 main unit of the new model “CFI-1200” due to minor changes.

In addition, “Sony Store Ginza” announces a new lottery sale. Lottery tickets which will announce the winning results on the day will be distributed every day during the period. The delivery period is “September 18, 2022 (Sunday) – September 21, 2022 (Wednesday)”, “September 26, 2022 (Monday) – September 30, 2022 (Friday)”, “2022 October 8, 2022 (Saturday) to October 10, 2022 (Monday). The winning number is“Sony Store Ginza Twitter”It will be published in , so don’t forget to check it out if you are participating.

◆ About lottery sales from “BicCamera.com”

“BicCamera.com” is selling PS5 by lottery. The application period is short, until 20:59 on September 18th, so if you are interested, apply as soon as possible.

This lottery sale is for BicCamera.com members who have purchase history during the period from September 16, 2020 to September 15, 2022. In addition, there are conditions such as “total purchase of 20,000 yen (tax included) or more”, “2 or more purchase history”, “delivery of the purchased product has been completed, or the product has been purchased in the store and returned” also needs to be fulfilled.

If you win, the payment method is credit card payment only. This time, “Xbox Series X” will also be included in the lottery sale.

■ Reception period, etc.
・ Lottery acceptance period: Until 20:59 on September 18th
・ Lottery result announcement: September 29th around 17:00

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