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After the beta test that started last month, Sony finally officially added the Discord voice chat function to PS5 in the latest version 7.0 update. As previously introduced, players need to connect their PSN account to Discord first, then go to “Related Services” and select Discord, and finally complete the integration operation by scanning the QR code or confirming with the browser . Every time you want to chat in Discord on PS5, you need to use your mobile device or PC to forward the chat.

However, it is estimated that this is only a temporary solution. In November last year, its competitor Microsoft made it possible for the host to join the conversation directly. I think Sony will follow up after a while. While integrating Discord, the new firmware also adds VRR variable refresh rate support for 1440p resolution. When a player downloads or installs a PS4 or PS5 game working with a PS4 save file available on PS5, if there is no save file for the game on the console but data remains in the cloud, the system will also prompt you to download the save file. Data transfer between two PS5s will be easier (via Wi-Fi or network cable), screen readers will also be improved, and players will be able to update DualSense controllers wirelessly.

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