PSG Clinches Victory in Epic Showdown: Winners of the 2023 PCS “League of Legends” Summer Finals

PSG Crowned 2023 PCS “League of Legends” Summer Champions

The thrilling finals of the 2023 PCS “League of Legends” Summer tournament concluded with PSG emerging as the victors. The team, once ranked seventh in the regular season, faced off against the regular season champions, CFO, in a five-round battle that had the crowd on their feet.

In the first game, PSG Xianchi made a strong start, but CFO rebounded in the second game with a solid team composition that excelled in team battles. However, PSG’s resilience proved too much for CFO to handle, leading PSG to secure the victory in the second game.

The third game saw PSG take an early lead by swiftly claiming the three outer towers and advancing towards the top lane tower. Despite CFO’s strategy to take control of the jungle, PSG managed to secure multiple successful attempts and eventually clinched the victory.

The fourth game showcased a more cautious approach from both teams, resulting in only two kills in a 23-minute span. PSG faced a challenging situation, but CFO seized the opportunity by obtaining the powerful Baron Buff. With their economic advantage, CFO launched a relentless attack, eventually breaking through PSG’s defenses and forcing the game into a fifth round.

The final match was a grand showdown, with PSG opting for the blue team, which had delivered consistent wins throughout the tournament. CFO, once again, placed their hopes on the impressive performance of Sapphire, along with a strong supporting cast. The early stages of the game saw both teams secure a dragon each, but PSG’s superior team fighting skills allowed them to gain a significant advantage. As the gap between the two teams widened, the decisive battle took place in the jungle, where PSG outplayed CFO, obtaining crucial kills and ultimately securing the championship.

After an intense battle over five games, PSG emerged victorious as the 2023 PCS Summer Champions, solidifying their dominance by claiming their sixth consecutive crown.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to PSG on their remarkable achievement!

The 2023 PCS “League of Legends” Summer Finals are over! CFO, who were once seventh in the regular season, faced the regular season champion PSG. After five rounds of fierce battle, PSG won the 2023 PCS summer championship amidst the cheers of the stadium players.

In the first game, PSG Xianchi had a good start, but in the second game, CFO stabilized the team’s spirit and chose a strong lineup for team battles. In the later stage, PSG held the team together firmly and forced PSG to win the second game.

In the third game, PSG chose to act consistently, taking the lead in getting the three outer towers and then advancing to the top of the tower, However, at this point, the Rest equipment had taken shape, and PSG moved to the jungle.

The game lasted for 20 minutes. PSG succeeded after trying to camp many times. The CFO, who had lost the jungler and support, was not able to compete for Barong. After getting the Barong Buff, PSG expanded the advantage of the map gradually and attacked the high ground to win the second victory.

In the fourth game, as PSG drew cards, both sides played conservatively and still only got 2 kills at 23 minutes of game time. At this time, five PSG players gathered in the middle to press the tower have Azhi.pen.

Seeing that PSG was in a bad state, the CFO turned around and took Barong. At this time, the three PSG people tried to apply pressure, but were kept by Sapphire. PSG sent Barong and killed at the same time, and got CFO and economic Leader 5K.

With a large amount of economic injection, CFO’s attack cannot be stopped. Even if he was caught in the jungle, he could still withstand damage. CFO launched an offensive from the bottom lane and directly attacked PSG’s main fortress . The game went into the fifth game!

The war song sounded. In the last match, PSG chose the blue team with a 100% winning rate in this series and a strong list for team battles. CFO once again chose Sapphire, who had made great strides in the previous game, and paired him with Swanee and Leo. Na and other heroes act as countermeasures.

Both sides got one dragon each in the early stage. Then, although Maple was caught in the river on the upper road, his coquettish movement and timely flash saved the kill. Seeing Maple’s recovery, both sides turned to battle for the foreboding. PSG had the teamfight advantage to pursue and get another 3. After killing each other, the gap between the two sides gradually widened.

The key battle happened in the jungle area in the upper half of the map. ShiauC was caught squatting in the grass, and Maple Aqil pushed three to help save people. After taking the kill away, PSG happened to get the army line , and managed to push away the main fortress and win it.

After five intense games, spring champions PSG once again dominated the summer, claiming the 2023 PCS Summer Championship and their sixth consecutive crown.

Congratulations again to PSG!

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