PSN accidentally disappeared, “Ghost Thread: Tokyo” will be released on March 25 | 4Gamers

PSN has released another package, this time developed by Tango Gameworks, the team of “Invasion of Evil Spirits”. The PSN page of Shinji Mikami’s new work “Ghost Line: Tokyo” has been screenshotted, which states that it will be released on March 25th (currently). Corrected).

Previously, due to the epidemic, the official announcement of “Ghost Line: Tokyo” was postponed to the first half of 2022, and later it was clearly pointed out that it was spring, so this time the package was in line with the previous official statement.

“Ghost Thread: Tokyo” describes Tokyo under a spell cast by a dangerous warlock and ravaged by deadly supernatural forces, causing Tokyo’s population to disappear in an instant. In the game, players face the unknown, ally with powerful spirits seeking revenge, and wield powerful powers to uncover the dark truth behind disappearances.

Although the publisher Bethesda is now a subsidiary of Microsoft, the previous contract is still there, so “Ghost Line: Tokyo” will be a PS5 exclusive for a limited time, and the PC version will be released after it is confirmed.



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