PSN DOWN: PSD PlayStation Network maintenance errors met Gaming | Entertainment

PS4 owners report that the NSP is down and that the main PlayStation services are not working.

Earlier issues began tonight and it appears that some users are looking at PS4 maintenance errors.

Some PS4 owners have np-34957-8 error messages trying to sign them into their accounts.

It is not clear what causes a break out tonight or how long it will last, but it is expected that Sony will share more if problems continue.

One user who influences it says: "It's also here in Florida. Did he want to watch PSNetwork and I can't even do that. I can't put anything back. I reboot. PS4 too, and that did nothing, how long will this maintenance last? "

Tonight's problems were not listed on the official PSN status site, although there are references to problems using the Playstation Store.

"You may have difficulty accessing features and products on the Playstation Store.

The official support site also refers to the PS-34957-8 PS4 Error Code, stating that it is directly related to the NSP's entry into maintenance.

"Server error – the PlayStation Network could be maintained," reads the supporting message.

The good news is that breaking out tonight doesn't seem to be too widespread and may be too fast.


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