“Psychiatrists and pharmacists” oppose the removal of “marijuana” from the Sor. 5, pointing out that he is really sick and really dead.

“Psychiatrist-Pharmacy” and the public sector network against drug problems The face opposes the dismissal of “marijuana” from the Sor. 5, pointing out that it’s really sick, real death, a case found in Thailand, mentally ill, chronic schizophrenia, pleads for a review for people’s health

On 24 Jan.65, the Center for the Study of Addiction Problems (Essa.), National Public Health Foundation and the Royal College of Psychiatrists of Thailand Jointly organized an academic seminar on “Looking Around: Is Thailand Ready to Cut Marijuana from Being a Drug”?

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rassamon Kalayasiri, NESDB, said he did not object to the use of medical marijuana. But they did not agree to strip marijuana from all drugs. Because there are still reports of people who have been harmed to health from cannabis use in general, especially THC that affects many systems in the body, especially the brain. Of concern are psychotic problems, psychotic symptoms, bipolar disorder, cannabis can cause exacerbations. According to the latest survey in 2019 by the Narcotics Network Administration Committee The Narcotics Control Board (NACC) found that Thai people aged 12 years and over have 3.5-3.6 times more use of marijuana from 2016 after medical marijuana was allowed. consistent with the information of The study found that more than 1 million recreational use of marijuana was considered high. While overseas monitoring for 10 years has shown that the use of THC in the amount of THC is increasing steadily.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Juthamanee Suthisisang, Vice President of Mahidol University, said that the dangers of THC substances from the central nervous system. Causing the brain to slow down, lethargic, and make decisions Risk of accidents on the road and from working with machinery It also increases dopamine in some parts of the brain, resulting in psychotic symptoms, hallucinations, paranoia, etc. If everything is unlocked, there is an increased risk of abuse. As with other drug formulations, continued use in adolescents, in particular, has been found to impair learning ability (IQ). It also affects the cardiovascular system. which is quite dangerous to death International reports have found that non-medical use of marijuana is a leading cause of death caused by cardiovascular malfunctions. In addition, cannabis compounds, such as CBD, are highly synergistic with many pharmaceuticals. by inhibiting enzymes used to destroy other drugs, especially drugs that inhibit blood clotting will have a chance to increase the side effects from bleeding that is difficult to stop

“I personally do not oppose the use of medical marijuana. But to be released from the drug list of category 5, he does not agree. Must think carefully in order to really protect the Thai people as a whole. THC extract is controlled not more than 0.2%. Asked which agency in real life would be able to check it in a timely manner and cover the whole country.” Assoc. Prof. Dr. Phon Juthamanee said

Prof. Dr. Manit Srisuraphanon, Department of Psychiatry Faculty of Medicine Chiang Mai University And the president of the Royal College of Psychiatrists of Thailand said that THC in marijuana clearly has a psychoactive effect and increases the risk of developing schizophrenia, which is a chronic psychotic disorder. Especially those who use large quantities today, it is well known that Schizophrenia is a disease that causes a person to lose the ability to live a life dramatically. Most of them can no longer study or pursue a career. They often rely on family and social support for the rest of their lives. Treatment for schizophrenia is also very expensive. Therefore, the occurrence of psychosis from cannabis use is a problem that all sectors must focus on. for disseminating the news that Cannabis extract can help treat psychosis. He would like to clarify that We still have too little information to put CBD extract in the treatment of psychosis. For the extract of THC, besides not found to be useful in schizophrenia. It also makes patients with psychosis worse. personally He agrees with the use of cannabis plants and products for medicinal purposes. But cannabis plants or products containing more than 0.2% THC should still be produced and used under control. Existing drug management practices such as morphine, methadone, may be applied to cannabis plants and products.

Ms. Watcharapong Poomchuen, the Northern Substance Abuse Academic Center, said that although the use of medical marijuana is beneficial for some patients But the use of cannabis itself has many effects on both the user and the user. family and society as a whole and concluded on behalf of the network’s representatives that “We agree on the medicinal uses of marijuana. But we disagree with eliminating marijuana from being a drug. Promoting the Use of Medical Marijuana There is no need to abolish marijuana from being a narcotic. Ask the DEA Board to postpone the removal of marijuana from the list of category 5 narcotics until a comprehensive hearing and the law and clear impact control plan.”



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