“PT Pertamina” Indonesian refinery explosion, 9 injured, the state urgently investigates the case

Today (April 2, 2023), Reuters reported that An explosion at PT Kilang Pertamina International (KPI) oil refinery late yesterday (April 1) injured nine people, DPA said.

The incident happened at an oil refinery in Dumai, Riau province, north-east of the island of Sumatra. The blast damaged a number of nearby homes and DPA said residents were “slightly” injured by shards of glass.

A spokesperson for the DPA said that a number of units were affected and had to stop operations due to explosions and fires. But some still work normally. And restoration work has begun after the power went out. with an apology for the incident

However, a DPA spokesman did not respond to questions about whether the incident would affect production and supply. But he said the country’s fuel was safe. And the cause of the explosion is currently unknown. and is currently under investigation.

By the way, PT Pertamina is Indonesia’s national oil company. owned by the Indonesian government It has the largest refinery in ASEAN and the fifth largest in Asia with a refining capacity of more than 1 million barrels per day. Pertamina aims to become a leader in the petrochemical industry in Indonesia. to meet domestic needs


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