PT Prachuap VS Buriram: Preview of Football Revo League Cup 2021/22

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readiness condition PT Prachuap

The partisan “Tor Destroyer” has reached the final round again unbelievable. In the semifinals, she won the Chonburi 1-0, making it through to the end. As for the form of playing in the latter part, it still collapses, kicking in the last 5 games, winning 1, drawing 1, losing to 3, but the latest game is to defeat Chonburi successfully.

The condition of the team before playing this match Will be missing twin players such as Titathorn Aksri, who went to surgery for appendix and Titawee Aksri who had injuries, while Chinawat Wongchai lost the field to help the team. Due to the loan contract from Buriram

It is expected that Issara Sritaro, the coach of the team, will send Hassan Ali Sad and Willen Mota to hunt down the front net. As for the midfield, there will be Prasit Chanthum, United States spinning Matchaya and Apichart Denman to make the game, while the defensive line still uses Prawinwat Bunyong and Sarunyu Intarat.

readiness condition Buriram

The “Thunder Castle” army that has won the double championship, both the Thai League and the Chang FA Cup, hopes to win the third title. By the playoff match, defeating Leo Chiang Rai 1-0, sending the team’s form of play in the last 5 matches is excellent, winning 4, losing 1 last game, slashing Leo Chiang Rai 1-0

The readiness of the team to strike this match will be lacking only Supachai Jaidet, a good shooting star. who are still in the treatment of injuries The rest had no problem organizing the army. Can send a large set of players into every position.

In this game, Masatada Ishii, the Japanese coach, will place the pieces by giving Jonathan Bolinki, Supanut Muenta, and Maikon as the best offensive game. As for the middle ground, there will be jewels Mai Kami and Supachok Sarachat driving the game. While the defensive line organized a large set, including Phansa Hemwiboon, paired with Rabin Sulaka and Naruebodin Virawatnodom.

List of 11 players expected to enter the field

PT Prachuap : Jirinpong Thammasriha (GK), Prawinwat Boonyong, Sarunyu Intarat, Usa Pongsuwan, Chinnawat Wongchai, Prasit Chantum, Usa Panmachaya, Apichat Den Man, Wanchalerm Yingyong, Hassan Ali Sad, Willen Mota

Buriram United : Siwarak Thesungnern (GK), Narubadin Weerawatanodom, Pansa Hemwiboon, Rabin Sulaka, Sasalak Haiprakhon, Theerathorn Bunmathan, Ratanakorn Maikami, Supachok Sarachat, Supanut Muenta, Mikon Marquez, Jonathan Bolinki

Performance of the last 5 games

PT Prachuap

  • 25/05/22 won Chonburi 1-0 (Center Stadium) Revo League Cup
  • 04/05/22 lost to Muang Thong 1-2 (away) Thai League
  • 23/04/22 Draw Police Tero 0-0 (Away) Thai League
  • 17/04/22 lost to Nong Bua Pitchaya 2-3 (home) Thai League
  • 10/04/22 lost to Chonburi 1-2 (away) Thai League


  • 25/05/22 won Leo Chiang Rai 1-0 (Central Field) Revo League Cup
  • 22/05/22 won Nakhon Ratchasima FC 1-0 home (Chang FA Cup)
  • 18/05/22 won Suphanburi FC 3-2 away (Chang FA Cup)
  • 08/05/22 won Ratchaburi FC 2-0 away (League Cup)
  • 04/05/22 lost to Suphanburi FC 2-1 away (Thai League)

Results of the last 5 matches

  • 06/02/22 Buriram 1-2 PT Prachuap
  • 02/10/21 PT Prachuap 0-2 Buriram
  • 21/03/21 Buriram 4-0 PT Prachuap
  • 18/12/20 PT Prachuap 0-1 Buriram
  • 28/09/19 Buriram 1-1 PT Prachuap


This game is the most important game for both teams, PT Prachuap, who survived to escape from the relegation. I hope to win the championship trophy in return for the fans. As for the Buriram side, the main goal is to win 3 championships, so this item is definitely more than a hundred.

If comparing the overall team potential, the players and the playing form, I must say that Buriram is quite superior. The players are playing with great confidence. Meet PT Prachuap who makes a surprise come to the final. It looks like the “Tor Destroyer” party is unlikely to be able to resist. Still relying on the offensive line of the “Lightning Castle” army that is sharper and more versatile, should be able to beat and win the championship in the end.

expected score

PT Prachuap 0-2 Buriram

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