P’Tik came on his own, promising to create ‘quality people’, not associated with hairstyles.

Tik Jesadaporn said to create ‘quality people’, not related to hairstyle. It was revealed that children only wanted one style ‘Pitha’ went a long way and it seemed to click as Wiroj hit the teacher, claiming he was helping to cut hair, had to ask the students of the school. Are you satisfied or not?

Because of a video clip showing the action of a teacher at a school in Phetchabun province who held scissors to cut a student’s hair in front of a flagpole. Until the dent was invisible Pieces of hair littered the yard via the hashtag #BWITfacts.

– A student at the grief school, a Phetchabun teacher, using scissors to check hairstyles, dented and bumpy bald heads. spread over the floor
– Pita pointed out that Phetchabun teachers were cutting their hair, students were clearly violating their rights, ‘new hair regulations’ are even more unlimited.

On the same day, February 7 Tik-Jessadaporn Phholdee A famous actor who is also currently a record label executiveTweet a messageon the matter, stating that

“Building quality people in society It’s not about forcing anyone to cut their hair. …in the society of young people at the moment, the only style they want is… #badstyle only! #Tick that”

Which has been retweeted more than 3.4 thousand times and who also admire the concept of the famous hero And express their opinion, for example, Mr Daeng right. style like bad only!! At this hour, P’Tik hahaha really follow the trend. What kind of hairstyle is irrelevant depending on the heart, singing as a bad style. but only because the truth is a good boy, a gentleman with bad style

However, reporters reported it Pita Limjaroenrat Mr a list of MPs And the leader of the Progressive Party (Kor. Kor.) also liked the tweet.

in addition Wiroj Lakkhanaadisorn Mr The chairman of the Bangkok Strategy Working Group, Kao Klai Party, also expressed his opinion on the same issue throughTweetfor

“To cut a child’s hair in front of a flagpole, the intention is to use oppressive power. In order to violate the rights of students. If you dare to do it, you must dare to accept it. It wasn’t that he asked me to help cut my hair, this kind of chanting reflected that I knew it wasn’t right, but I would still do it if I really helped cut the kid’s hair. I have to ask if the child is willing to help or not.

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