PTT Approves Dividend Payment and Liquidation of PTT Energy Resources

PTT Board Approves Dividend Payment and Liquidation Plan

PTT Public Company Limited to Pay Dividend of 0.80 Baht per Share

In a major development, the Board of Directors of PTT Public Company Limited (PTT) has given the green light for the payment of dividends to its shareholders. The approved dividend payment stands at 0.80 baht per share, demonstrating the company’s commitment to rewarding its investors. This announcement came with the XD symbol, indicating that it will be posted on 4 October 2023. The dividend payment will be made on 20 October 2023.

This announcement was made by PTT on 21 September 2023, wherein they revealed that the dividends would be paid from the company’s operating results for the period spanning from 1 January to 30 June 2023. Shareholders will be pleased to receive their earnings directly in cash, as per the approved decision of the Board of Directors.

Approval for the Dissolution of PTT Energy Resources Company Limited

Not only did the Board of Directors approve the dividend payment, but they also addressed the liquidation plans of “PTT Energy Resources Company Limited” (PITER). As a wholly-owned subsidiary of PTT, PITER is set to be dissolved by the end of this year. The board has unanimously decided to follow PTT’s policy of closing down subsidiaries that no longer engage in any business activities. It’s important to note that this dissolution will have no impact on the overall operations of PTT.

The registration of PITER’s dissolution is expected to take place in December 2023, adding another milestone to PTT’s track record of prudent decision-making and strategic planning. The focus remains on optimizing business activities and ensuring sustainable growth in the ever-evolving energy industry.

The PTT board has given the green light to pay a dividend of 0.80 baht/share, displaying the sign XD on 4 October 2023 and approving the liquidation of “PTT Energy Resources” by the end of this year.

On 21 September 2023, PTT Public Company Limited or PTT informed the Stock Exchange that the Company’s Board of Directors had decided on 21 September 2023 to approve the payment of dividends from operating results for the period 1 January 30 June 2023 and earnings retained for shareholders ordinary in cash at a rate of 0.80 baht per share, with the symbol XD due to be posted on 4 October and dividends paid on 20 October 2023.

In addition, the board has also decided to approve the dissolution of PTT Energy Resources Company Limited (PITER), a subsidiary in which PTT holds 100 percent of the shares. It is expected that the dissolution will be registered. December 2023.

The liquidation of PITER is in accordance with PTT’s policy to close subsidiaries that no longer have business activities. and does not affect PTT operations.

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