Pub bar can’t take it Request to adjust to 413 restaurants in Bangkok. Follow the strict rules.

Businesses, pubs and bars all over the city can’t be closed for a long time. Ask to be fined to 413 restaurants. Repeat, selling alcohol only at 9 p.m., violating the rules. The district director ordered the closure.

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On January 16, 2022, Mr. Khajit Chatchavanich, Permanent Secretary of Bangkok with officers inspecting establishments that previously opened for selling alcoholic beverages But during the Covid-19 outbreak, it has to be closed. with no opening date yet Because Covid-19 is still going viral, we have asked to open a restaurant according to public health measures instead. There are a total of 413 locations across Bangkok.

Currently, a total of 317 establishments have been converted into restaurants, the rest are undergoing adjustments. by submitting the amendment must comply with preventive measures Alcohol is sold until 21.00, if sold more than the first time, a fine of 7 thousand baht, next time, a fine of 12 thousand baht and 20 thousand baht, but if doing more than the cause The district director can close it immediately.

The shop staff must vaccinate all. Customers who do not have vaccination results must have an ATK test before they can enter the store. with an examination fee of 100 baht per person. In addition, the interior of the shop must adjust the area to allow ventilation. keep distance according to the order of the Ministry of Public Health Many stores are ready to adjust to allow service in the current situation.



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