“PUBG”, “Future M” and “Deadline” launch cross-brand collaboration | 4 Gamers

Battle Royale game “Jedi Survival” and “Future Battle MOBILE” will join the survival horror game “DEAD BY DAYIGHT” to launch a large-scale joint cooperation.

This cross-brand collaboration will launch co-branded props, special modes and limited co-branded activities in the games of “PUBG Mobile” and “Future Battle MOBILE”. At the same time, it will be combined with Halloween day to integrate the unique sense of horror from “Dead by Dawn” Create a unique atmosphere that is fresh, exciting and fun.

In this wave of cooperation, “PUBG Mobile” will be the first to launch a special Halloween mode based on the theme “Dawn Deadline”, which is expected to be open from October 21 to November 7.

Each battle involves a total of four players and players will transform into survivors and killers in the game. The killer must hunt down and eliminate all the survivors, while the other three survivors must escape the clutches of the killer and try their best to repair the generator in order to successfully escape the mode.

This joint collaboration will also launch Dead by Dawn-themed game props, including costumes for the assassin characters “Huntress,” “Legion,” “Joker,” and “Trap Killer,” as well as backpacks, pans, and dynamic badges. .

The PC version is expected to launch between October 19th and December 7th, and the home console version will be available between October 20th and December 8th.

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In addition to launching the unique Halloween co-branding mode, “PUBG Mobile” will also bring special co-branding activities during this period. As long as players play the co-branding special mode in the game, they can complete the tasks on the co-branding website, and at the same time get the level 3 “Dwight Survivor” helmet created for the game “Dawn Dead Line” character, and they can enjoy the “PUBG” Permanent Props such as game syringes and “Nurse” kill masks used. The joint website event will be open from October 21st to November 7th.

“Future Battle MOBILE”, which is also a brother of KRAFTON’s battle royale series, will also launch a variety of unique props through cooperation, including costumes, helmets, backpacks, weapons designed with the theme of “Dead by Dawn”, accessories , parachute and patch accessories, etc.

From October 20th to November 23rd, as long as you log into the game and open the “Deadline of Dawn” joint treasure chest, you will have the opportunity to draw the limited items that n unique to the joint collaboration. players just need to join the joint activities in the game Chance to add a code to get rid of more numerous and varied prizes.

The official will release the trailer video produced by the joint cooperation content of “Deadline of Dawn” in the future, leading players to get a glimpse of the horror atmosphere in the game.

For more information about the joint cooperation between “PUBG Mobile”, “Future Battle MOBILE” and “Dead Line”, you can pay attention to the official websites of “PUBG Mobile” and “Future Battle MOBILE”.

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